“Sweet goods” are full The anchor features “sweet taste” with more than 500,000 items

Lanzhou, July 6 (Xinhuanet) — In order to publicize and promote the brand of Gansu “Ganwei” agricultural products, promote “Ganwei” agricultural products to the big market and large terminal, promote consumption poverty alleviation, and help rural revitalization, a few days ago, the “Weiya Charming China Tour Gansu Station” and Gansu Province’s “Rural Revitalization, Youth and Farmers” public welfare live broadcast provincial demonstration activity was launched in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province.

Live streaming. Xinhuanet (Photo by Liu Xinyu)

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, on the link!” With the countdown of anchor Weiya, a number of Gansu characteristic good things were “empty in seconds” on the shelves. The live broadcast, which lasted for nearly 4 hours, attracted more than 12.82 million viewers, a total guided transaction volume of more than 18.23 million yuan, and a total of more than 501,000 guided transactions. Behind this series of figures is the direct embodiment of the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of the market of high-quality agricultural products in Gansu and the gradual recognition of the “sweet taste” brand awareness.

Lanzhou beef noodles, favorite apricot peel tea, Da Hong Pao peppercorns, flying pea vermicelli, three bubble tai, hand-torn yak beef… In Weiya’s live broadcast room, a dazzling and high-quality “sweet goods” are welcomed and sought after by consumers.

The unique natural conditions, excellent production environment, and long historical and cultural background have laid the characteristic advantages of Gansu agriculture and bred the green and organic characteristics of “sweet” agricultural products.

The sales of small tomatoes, plateau red apricots, Lanzhou beef noodles, dried Lanzhou lilies and favorite apricot peel tea reached 2.2 million yuan, 2.13 million yuan, 1.77 million yuan, 1.47 million yuan and 1.22 million yuan respectively, becoming the five most popular products of the night’s live broadcast. Many viewers left interactive messages in the comment area: “Can you add more dried apricots?” “Finally wait for Gansu Station, squat Lanzhou beef noodles!” …… It is not difficult to see from the message that the northwest “Gan” goods, which were hidden deep in the mountains in the past due to transportation, economic and other conditions, are now also going out of the northwest and going to the whole country through e-commerce platforms and anchors.

This is the “Sweet Taste” agricultural products exhibition and sales live broadcast center located in Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. Xinhua Net issued

In recent years, based on its own industrial advantages, Gansu has vigorously developed rural e-commerce to help rural revitalization. At present, a brand cultivation system has been established with the “sweet” public brand as the rule, local public brands and enterprise trademark brands as the support, and a quality assurance system supported by green organic products and production area environmental assessment, nutritional quality evaluation, quality and safety traceability and standardized production has been established. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chongqing and other places have opened a number of “Ganwei” brand pavilions, providing continuous impetus for Gansu’s consumption poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and forming a good situation of consumption-driven industrial development.

High-quality agricultural products are favored by market distributors and consumers, and gradually become “sought-after goods”. “In the live broadcast, I found that consumers are more and more willing to buy agricultural products.” Wei Ya said that agricultural products can be more combined with national trends and local characteristics to create more popular and high-quality brands.

The event was co-sponsored by the Communist Youth League Gansu Provincial Party Committee, Gansu Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Gansu Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, Gansu Provincial Rural Revitalization Bureau, Gansu Provincial Federation of Literature and Culture, Taobao Live, Qianxun Culture, organized by Erchuang Culture, and co-organized by Ganwei Brand Promotion Operation Center, Gansu Young Entrepreneurs Association, Lanzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, Lanzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Youth League, Lanzhou Yellow River Ecotourism Development Group, etc. (End)

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