Guo Biting finally appeared alone! A black and white chiffon jumpsuit temperament to reduce age, with big waves super sweet

After Guo Biting accepted Xiang Zuo’s marriage proposal, Guo Biting, as a fiancée, has also been in a very good state recently, with a sense of happiness on her face~ Guo Biting in life still likes to travel very much, she used to be a backpacker, climbed the mountains of Tibet with her bare hands, also took the train, and walked many places. In private, she is a very brave and adventurous girl! Guo Biting participated in a music festival before, and she was also very free of herself~ all kinds of shapes can be controlled very well~ So don’t say much, let’s take a look with the editor!

The national goddess Guo Biting chose OL’s look. The design of the shoulder straps, the ruffles on the chest show the smart nature~, in order to highlight Guo Biting’s very simple shape this time, the fit of the jumpsuit was chosen, fashionable and handsome. Of course, the sparkling bling high heels are also one of the highlights, walking in the summer sun, C position Guo Biting appeared~ and with a delicate small square bag, fashionable and avant-garde, the small square bag with rivet elements is really a very plus~

Guo Biting also often does some public welfare after getting engaged, and recently participated in a public welfare in Wuhan is also a fresh appearance~ Mint green has a very summer feeling, coupled with the natural beauty of the face, I have to say that I am envious and jealous ah! Spend the whole time with mint green comfort

In summer, layers of ruffles increase the overall layering, and the skirt of the front short back decorates this Guo Biting’s long legs, whether it is a daily date or a walk with your good girlfriends to the beach, you can earn enough return rate~

The yellow embellishment in the crystal earrings is also a look that enhances Guo Biting’s whole body. The playful yellow color made Guo Biting look slow, and she looked whiter and more delicate when her skin was white. In terms of choosing a hairstyle, Guo Biting’s playful ponytail style is also very outstanding, and it has a style that echoes the clothing. The black stiletto heels make Guo Biting’s long legs more plus, what is called the long legs against the sky, this is!

After meeting love, Guo Biting is really getting more and more beautiful! In April in DIor Chengdu, Guo Biting is really fairy ~ vertical stripes are very thin and tall items, it can be seen that Guo Biting is a person who values the proportion of her body. In addition to the classic model, the proportions are very long. The sleeve hem is also chosen to be loose and naturally hanged, showing Guo Biting gentle and lovely ~ In the choice of vertical stripes, the color is to choose pink. I can’t tell it’s Ben San’s person at all!

Plus the hairstyle is romantic small curly long hair, a pearl hairpin to embellish, cute and stylish, age-reducing pieces. Because Guo Biting’s current stage is also very mature, in order to neutralize the gentle image on her body, Guo Biting specially chose a small square bag with leather, highlighting her simple and generous temperament.

For fat girls. Such a vertical striped dress is very necessary to buy~ It can hide meat and lengthen the proportions of the body! An essential piece for spring and summer – a vertical striped dress.

Since contacting the wealthy family, Guo Biting’s private dressing taste has also improved a lot. On the day of Xiang Zuo’s proposal to Guo Biting in Taipei Alice, Guo Biting’s velvet V-neck shirt was very textured and became very high-end. Guo Biting matched black tight slacks, handsome and generous.

The design of the V-neck will make Guo Biting’s collarbone look particularly sexy~ Guo Biting’s body is really suitable for the marriage proposal scene, less girly in the past, but what, this mature feeling is very high-grade. It seems that Guo Biting’s vision is still very outstanding, and how happy Guo Biting and Xiang Zuo are at the romantic proposal scene ~ she is really beautiful~

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