National supervision and random inspection of the quality of luggage and bags, the unqualified discovery rate was 16.4%

Are the bags you bought qualified? According to the 2021 national supervision and random inspection of luggage and footwear product quality recently released by the State Administration for Market Regulation, the unqualified discovery rate of travel bags was 16.4%.

This time, 110 batches of products produced by 108 enterprises were randomly inspected, and 18 batches of products were found to be unqualified, and the unqualified discovery rate was 16.4%. In the past three years, the unqualified detection rates of this product were 20.3%, 17.8% and 16.4%, respectively.

This spot check focused on 14 items, including fatigue resistance, walking performance, oscillation impact performance, drop performance, static pressure resistance of hard box body, falling ball impact performance of plastic hard box surface, roller impact performance, durability of box (bag) lock, stitching strength, color fastness to friction of travel bag fabric, free formaldehyde, and decomposable harmful aromatic amine dyes. Unqualified products have the problem of unqualified oscillation and impact performance. After the analysis of technical institutions, the main reasons for the unqualified are: first, the design is unreasonable, and the strength requirements of the product are not fully considered, resulting in insufficient strength of the product lifting part; Second, the quality of materials and assembly is not up to par, and the box or handle cannot withstand severe impact stretching.

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