Knit from top to bottom Good-looking and practical stick pin undershirt

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Last year, I wanted to knit another black foundation, I have been looking for the right model, I see the dream of Phalaenopsis, I like it very much, the top to bottom weaving is easy to control the size, choose horsehair plus Merino, light and soft and warm, the bottom is very suitable.

The blog has a diamond-shaped twist flower on the chest that looks good, but I have always liked fine needles and threads, and the wire is not right and difficult to arrange flowers, so just turn it over and see, last year’s knitted sleeve flat knot is to add favorite styles and favorite elements, this time try to put the favorite ones together, to get this “one”.

Garment size, chest circumference 95-100mm, garment length 70mm

Wire, 30 Merino 2 shares, 10,000 pieces of Mahai 2 shares

Tool, 3.25mm, 3.0mm ring needle


1, collar 120 knitted collar height, collar single layer

2, both sides of the sleeve is divided into 19 needles, the front and rear collar each have 1 needle, the rest of the front and rear have 2 20 needles, in these 20 needles on both sides of the needle, specifically left shoulder 19 needles, left back 20 needles, back 1 needle, right back 20 needles, right shoulder 19 needles, right front 20 needles, front 1 needle, left front 20 needles, a total of 120.

3. Put 1 stitch on each side of the 20 stitches every two rows, a total of 8 stitches each time, until the bust circumference is 50cm front piece 1 stitch and add knitted upper needle, the rest of the knitted flat needle

4. From the 6th needle on the chest, start weaving flowers, turn the original illustration upside down, and weave the same.

5. When the sleeve part is placed to 93 needles, it can be divided into sleeves, large body, and circle knitting

6, the back piece has 6 rows of front and back difference, these 6 rows of needles in the back piece has 6 more needles, the front piece can add 6 needles

7, the front and rear difference is woven in the armpit under the 13 stitches, the sleeve part of the 13 stitches can be collected on both sides of each row, the large body part of the 13 knitted twist needles

8. Cuffs, hem unwoven according to the picture, length by yourself

9. The sleeve receives needles every 8 rows

10. The original 20 needles of the body part continue to put needles on one side of the body, and the other side is combined with the twisted needle until the 20 needles are completed. At this time, the back piece is fully flat needle, and the front piece continues to pattern.

11, the front piece pattern is diamond-shaped, woven to the corner, at this time put knitted flat needle

12. Put the needle 3 times below the waist, and put the needle on both sides of the front and rear sheets

Black is really difficult to shoot, plus horsehair reflection, looks like gray, the real thing is very beautiful, there are several pictures behind, help understand the text is not clear

Thank you friends who have the patience to read this post, thank you Phalaenopsis.

Illustration of the minute hand


How to take away 20 needles

Add needles to the hem

Illustration of cuff hem

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