Temperament + Premium! These eye-catching swimsuits are too good-looking

Although it is already autumn, the residual heat of summer is still there, and you can make up for the unfinished summer limited time in August

When it comes to this, we have to mention the water park, the breath of youth penetrates into every molecule in the air, and every breath is happy progress.

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As an output happy blogger, Liya strongly Amway everyone feels the water park youth hormones bursting with film!

This happiness not only comes from a variety of water amusement facilities, but also a water background with a high film rate, if you want to be praised by the circle of friends, beautiful swimsuits are indispensable.

I think of this

“Prank Kiss 2”

Inside, Xiangqin and Naoki met the green tea on their honeymoon in Guam, on the one hand, they wanted to tear the green tea for her, and on the other hand, they felt that the elementary school swimsuit was indeed difficult to compare with others! It’s very angry!

So Liya will share with you today some beautiful swimsuits, all kinds of styles, wearing it is not a stable win?!

This store is biased in both design and color scheme

Ghost horse

, Either the contrast between bright and dark colors, or the mutual complement of Morandi colors, full of vitality and can earn enough return rate.

It has mostly one-piece swimsuits, and more shy fairies can choose a small skirt style, and they can also cover the flesh of the thighs and show their thinness.

Of course, the split suit is also not left behind, especially the primrose yellow checked swimsuit, the fresh and unconventional American pastoral style is really eye-catching.

Overall, the stretch store split swimsuit incorporates a lot of animation patterns, the style is more loli, more suitable for student parties, and small people wearing it will also enlarge cuteness

Just like its name:

Breezy holiday

, summer, pool, breeze, girl, these beautiful words are pieced together, it is hard not to be moved.

The girly element is very well handled, lace, broken flowers, and puff sleeves will not make people feel redundant, even if it is a swimsuit, it must be sweet.

It is precisely because the style is girly, so the style is relatively conservative, and there will even be this pure desire style small skirt, it is hard to imagine that this is a swimsuit store!

I think it’s home

Check series

Relatively outstanding, the classic check is not outdated, and the color matching is simple and generous, not easy to show the soil.

And every detail emphasizes the girly feeling, the pleats at the edge of the blouse, the bow on the shoulder straps, the ruffles on the skirt… It is simply a 1:1 replica of the girl group’s song uniform.

The swimsuits in this store are more conservative, and even look like the small skirts you usually wear.

Compared to the swimsuit above, it is basically not close-fitting, for the most part

Simply cinch only at the waist

, the rest of the fit is loose, and the collarbone and shoulder and neck lines are exposed, and the ability to cover the flesh is needless to say.

It is more suitable for going to the beach, and the scene of the sea breeze blowing with a fluttering skirt is really fairy.

And they are basically long sleeves, which can cover the worship meat that cannot be covered by suspenders, and can also save some sunscreen

(It’s not)

I think it’s more like a work of art made into a dress than a swimsuit, confidently showing off women’s graceful curves.

It does not make too many articles in color and details, simplicity and generosity is its main tone, exuding a strong intensity

French flair

, highlighting the sexy charm of mature women.

Among them, I prefer his family’s animal print collection, bold, flamboyant, and full

Wild beauty

I can only say from the bottom of my heart: it’s crazy.

Don’t look at its design niche, but the price is very close to the people, the most expensive is only 168 yuan, it is really a rare treasure store.

Like Rocca Art, this store also takes the design route, the difference is that it will make a fuss about color.

Especially the one-shoulder swimsuit collection, bold

Color blocking and rendering

Instantly making it stand out from the crowd of swimsuits, so bold and unique, it’s hard not to be in the spotlight.

Its swimsuit design is mainly sexy, although it is a one-piece swimsuit, but it will be exposed on the waist.


But not fully exposed

, is really more sultry than split. I have to say that the designer is quite competent.

But I have to say how it does it

Sexy and conservative do not interfere with each other

Target? It’s extreme and has personality.

Although conservative, there is no shortage of designs, such as puff sleeves on the shoulders and bows on the cuffs, even if it is a real swimsuit, it can be distinguished from the general style and will not be ordinary.

Today I will share with you that Liya thinks the design is unique and good-looking, and wears eye-catching

No bumps

Grab the tail of summer and put on a beautiful swimsuit to play wildly!

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