Kailide Kaixing navigation one-click installation makes it easy to realize escort travel

In addition to basic functions such as guiding the road, safety tips, and driving records, today’s navigation products can also provide real-time weather, surrounding refueling, catering and other information services, which has become a weapon for people to travel by car. Recently, Kailide has newly launched the version of Kaixing navigation car machine/mirror, in which the road condition diagram and road condition subscription, interval speed measurement, escort travel and other functions are more mature and perfect, which is more in line with the needs of modern car life and user habits.

The “Escort Travel” function in Kaixing Navigation is based on the Internet of Vehicles social services under the Kailide Cloud Navigation account, supports multi-vehicle same-screen navigation, positioning tracking and instant messaging, and is designed according to the navigation scenario of fleet travel. Fleets can use escort features for location sharing, fleet management, lead car leading, and more. Team members join the travel group, click the avatar of the group friend on the navigation page, you can query and display the detailed location information of the other party, determine the group friend, connect to the selected group friend in real time, you can display the distance between them, and follow the navigation path, which brings great convenience to the group travel.

Of course, the “escort” feature is not new to the Kelide navigation map. In response to the diverse needs of users, Kailide has been constantly exploring and forward-looking in product research and development. In order to meet the social needs of modern people’s more and more car life, fleet travel together, multi-person self-driving travel and other use scenarios, at the end of 2015, Kailide Kaijing service platform has launched the “escort travel” function, integrating social elements into the Internet of Vehicles ecology, improving the “K friend interaction” function of the original car networking platform, and taking the lead in free use on the mobile phone navigation APP, the “escort travel” function.

The “escort” function is aimed at the common problems in convoy travel, helping to solve the needs of convoy gathering, team arrival destination, real-time location, sharing location, etc., the location and distance of the convoy are clear at a glance on navigation, and the team members can control the speed according to the following distance, which greatly improves the efficiency and safety of group travel. Of course, after this function was introduced to the market, it was widely recognized and well received by users, and it quickly condensed a large number of early adopter Internet of Vehicles users.

2015 Callide Navigation “Companion Tour” feature version

Since then, with the significant surge in the volume of automotive smart rearview mirror products, an emerging category carrying location services in the automotive aftermarket, Kailide quickly launched a navigation map version for smart rearview mirrors, and the “escort” function was further upgraded, and multi-terminal content information synchronization and multi-screen interconnection were realized.

If each terminal device is logged in to a CapitaLand account, the relevant fleet information can be synchronized across platforms. Users can use any terminal device to create, add, exit or disband a fleet, other devices can synchronize the attributes or update automatically, and the user’s effective location sharing can also realize the automatic switching between the mobile phone and the car terminal. At this time, Kailide has cooperated with some manufacturers to develop independent customized versions for navigation equipment such as “large-screen car” and “rearview mirror” to provide customers with customized products and solutions.

Kailide Navigation realizes multi-terminal content information synchronization and multi-screen interconnection

At present, the newly released Kailide Kaixing navigation car machine/car mirror version is more widely used, is free to download and install, and provides lazy installation packages, farewell to the cumbersome steps in the past, can achieve one-click installation, can meet the needs of new and old users “Eleventh” long-term holiday self-driving travel and group travel, and easily realize the location and navigation based on car life socialization.

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