Blackout bulletin NO: 051

Dear Power Customer,

Please note that the following lines will be cut off and may cause inconvenience to the production and life of customers who have lost power.

Tunxi District

Due to line rectification, some lines of Binjiang Line 121, Fenghua Line 119, Yangtun Line 112 and Hengguan Line 122 will be stopped from 6:00 to 19:00 on June 26, 2017. Power outage range: Bainiao Pavilion, Guangyu C plot corner 6088# change, Chengnan property, power supply company, Hongwei real estate, Huihang Expressway, Guanggu Pavilion, District Forestry Bureau, Nanyang stone carving craft factory and other users.

2. Due to the second phase of Lianqiang Textile Project, it is scheduled to stop Jinghui Line 119 Yongjia Branch Line and Jiaoqi Line 125 from 7:00 to 19:00 on June 25, 2017. Power outage range: Keneng radiator, Shicheng waterproof textile, PATEO investment, Jinyuming food, Skadden home textiles, PATEO Biotechnology, Yongxin shares, Yonglian Real Estate, Kechuang high-tech, Glass machinery, Saifu electric, Huizhen food, Yuanpeng electronics and other users.

3. Due to the second phase of Lianqiang Textile Project, some lines of Huaiyuan Line 124, Jiaoqi Line 125 and Jinghui Line 119 will be stopped from 7:00 to 19:00 on June 26, 2017. Scope of power outage: Xinbao Sewing, New Town Investment, Pan Hua, COSCO Technology, Chaogang Food, University Emblem Carving, Cultural Industry Park, Haochuang Real Estate, Zhongding Information Technology, Haopai Wood Products, High-speed Railway New Area Development Investment, Qiangxiang Real Estate, Shameter Outdoor Products, Guardian Property, Huasheng Real Estate, Hui Cultural Industrial Park, Cuihua Technology, Meilin International Community, Butterfly Shang Yaju, Keneng Radiator, Saifu Electric, Zhongxin Biotechnology, Ruixing Automotive Electronics, Qi Ming Tea, New Greenland, Guangrui Communication, Shicheng Waterproof Textiles, Xinghuo Aili Optoelectronics, Ruisheng New Material Technology, Shilong Bedding, Qiushi Technology, Aofie Furniture, Huizhen Food, Yujiang Electric Appliances, Municipal Labor and Social Security Bureau, Ankang New Building Materials, Yuanpeng Electronics, Xincheng Houwu, Banana Resettlement Community, Glass Machinery, Jinyuming Food, Guangrui Communication, Star Home Textiles, Saifu Electric Technology, New Greenland Investment, PATEO Biotechnology, Banana Charge, Chucun, Likeo Precision Industry, Business Park Management Service Center, Sprolandi Logistics, Guardian Property, Huasheng Real Estate, Xinji Real Estate, Users in the scope of Teli Copper, Ruixing Automobile, Keneng Automotive Radiator, Xingdu Mall, Yongxin Shares, Yonglian Real Estate, Kechuang High-tech and so on.

Because the work of the day may end early, the power outage line may send power in advance, please all power outage customers properly arrange production and daily electricity consumption, and be ready to call at any time.

Huangshan Power Supply Company


(Source: Huangshan News Network Author: Huangshan Power Supply Company)

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