Girls with thick legs wear these boots, and they are hugely thin

I don’t know if you found it, boots have unconsciously become the main battlefield of fashion, with a unique aura that is handsome or sexy, and every time I meet on the street, I can’t help but take a few more looks, and the return rate is 100%.

Not to mention that in the daily wear of female stars and INS bloggers, the frequency of boots is getting higher and higher, slaying the whole scene every minute, showing off long legs.

However, in the impression of many people, think

Thick legs can’t wear boots, or even appear thicker legs?

In fact, where is so exaggerated, most girls are not so thick that they can’t wear boots, moreover, choosing the right style can still have the effect of showing thin legs,

Today, Liya will talk in detail about how to choose boots according to different leg shape bugs.

● Thick calves

● Short calves

● Legs are not straight

(1) Thick calves

The calf is thick, and the main problem of the muscular leg is concentrated in the middle of the calf, put

The calves are thickly hidden

is the right way to open, length is the key.

The short-barreled Chelsea boots and the mid-barreled Martin boots are not friendly enough, just stuck in the thickest part of the calf, and the visual effect is more than a full circle of calf thickness.

Tall knight boots will be better retouched,

It is no longer than the knee and just enough to cover the middle of the calf

, only the slender position of the leg line is exposed – the knee, both the front and the side are very thin.

However, it should be noted that the leg circumference of high boots is very important, and it is easy to wear the sense of déjà vu of rain boots if they are too wide, and the neat and capable boots are lost.

Boots made of suede are too restrictive to the leg shape, and too tight will expose the shortcomings of the thick calf.

Make sure the boot is slightly loose, and

There is a margin between the legs

The style is just right, just right to hide the calf thick bug.


Cowboy boots

It is also one of the options for the leg thick party, the design of the V-shaped opening comes with the effect of visual extension, the strength is thin, but the size of the leg circumference should also be paid attention to.

Pairing suggestions

If you want to look thin in high boots, you still have to

“Showing legs”

Leave a blank space between the boot and the leg to highlight the slenderness, and don’t let the trouser tube accumulate in the cuff, which is particularly bloated.

The combination of leather skirt + boots + patchwork jacket is quite cool, and the addition of red sweater adds a touch of sweetness, while adding bright colors to the whole look, the standard template of sweet cool style.

(2) Short calves

Girls with short legs wear boots, and the focus should be on

Raise the leg length proportionally

, avoid cutting the legs.

If you belong to the category of small short legs, then naked boots are very suitable for you, just at the ankle position, the exposed calf length is enough, naturally there is no need to worry about pressing the figure.

Match it again

Small high heel with thick heel,

Not only can it secretly increase in height by a few centimeters, but it will not look top-heavy with a heavy coat in autumn and winter, and the visual feeling is very comfortable.

In the choice of toe, the visual extension of the pointed toe is also much better, invisibly lengthening the leg length.

Liya has also recommended that small children try it before

Martin boots with 6 holes

, 6 holes are just up to the ankle, which can expose the leg line as much as possible to increase the leg length.

Of course, it’s not that small people can’t wear boots, but be careful

An extension of the tonal system

At the same time, pay attention to the use of bottoms to create a high waist line, create a sense of both the legs below the waist line, and also achieve height.

If you want to show the length of the legs, it is especially important to control the proportion of the upper and lower levels, through booties to minimize the cover of the calves, and then match the high-waisted skirt,

Position to raise the waistline

to make the leg line look smoother.

With the blessing of the proportion of the inner layer, it can be held without pressure with a long jacket when going out, and the sense of fashion can be held both indoors and outdoors.

(3) The legs are not straight

The main problem of leg not straight is focused on the layering of the thighs and calves, so in the priority of boot length:

Over-the-knee > booties > mid-barrel boots.

The booties basically have no modification effect, while the mid-barrel boots and knee-length boots emphasize the sense of division of the legs, directly highlighting the expanded part, and only over-the-knee boots can seamlessly and naturally connect the calves and thighs together.

Over-the-knee boots can be selected over

Knees about 3cm

The height of this position shows the leg straight, and the boots that are too high will look too cumbersome.

Of course, pay special attention to the material of the boots, the soft fabric will be particularly close to the legs, directly showing the original shape, while the hard material boots can use hard lines to balance, straighten the leg shape in a second.

If you are worried that you will not be able to control the boots, you can only use the combination punch of the outfit to pass

Wear it with a skirt to blur the border,

Covering more parts of the calves can also make people ignore the problem of legs not being straight.

Boots have a stronger feminine taste, and there are two options in the direction of wearing, which can be combined with skirts to exude femininity, or not

Pair it with neutral pieces

, the balance of the maiden is more clothing.

Although the combination of suit + jeans cannot be faulted, I always feel that the shortcomings are fashionable, and the boots are just made up, giving people a sense of elegance with a very attitude.

After reading today’s outfit, I hope that girls with thick legs and short legs can put aside their prejudices and worries about boots,

Choosing the right style can still make you look tall and thin.

Liya also welcomes fairies to share what they think is a huge leg skinny piece and discuss a wave together.

Pairing suggestions

Pairing suggestions

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