What style of short skirt stockings do beautiful women love to wear?

This girly vintage rose skirt stockings have soft fabric, fleshy version, good upper body effect, meticulous rose workmanship, not easy to hook and good stretch. Snow-white roses float on the white stockings, giving a dreamy feeling. And release a pure and innocent, romantic and elegant atmosphere, use it with your short skirt, and wear a pair of equally pure and cute shoes will definitely make you return to the high rate.

This is a Japanese Harajuku fake over the knee fake tattoo splicing short skirt stockings, very youthful vitality, the lower part is mainly black, the upper part is printed with a variety of funny or cute patterns on the flesh-colored and black panels, with denim or pleated short skirts are a good choice, the upper body effect is very good.

This is a stylish and sexy dream short skirt stockings with a roll-proof design, excellent softness and excellent stretch. High-quality core silk fabric, firm and not easy to draw, smooth and breathable, allowing you to get rid of hook wire troubles. Extremely elastic, shape beautiful legs, tighten leg fat, and effectively cover leg imperfections, allowing you to show off your perfect legs.

Antarctica skinny skirt stockings, flesh-colored silky silk without hook silk, is a very suitable for office wear stockings. The flesh is ultra-thin, comfortable and soft, which tightens the fat on the legs well and plays a role in lifting the curve of the legs. Paired with smooth and textured black high-heeled leather shoes, you can get out of the sexy fashion style in the workplace.

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