Hua Chenyu’s “cold white skin” is eye-catching, and the black leather coat with a shirt is so dashing, handsome and personal

After the official arrival of spring, people’s outfits happened

Noticeable change

。 Many men abandoned their heavy and bloated down jackets and began to prepare for spring wear. But what are the men going to wear?”

Conquer Kasuga

“What about sweatshirts, denim jackets, jackets, or leather jackets?”

Perhaps many boys will focus on basic and versatile sweatshirts, but they always feel that something new is missing. Might as well try a high-class black leather coat. Trust the editor, no matter when


They are all timeless, and at the same time they can also show the mature charm of men well.

If you know leather clothing completely, you can see that leather clothing contains a strong one

Sexiness and strength

, but also with magical magic, can show the tough and stylish side of men to the fullest. It can be said that leather clothing is a must-have for men.

Many boys are pursuing fashionable fashion and are afraid of their “girly” outfits. Then you may wish to choose a leather jacket, I believe it is showing

Masculine charm

And masculine taste, there is no piece more suitable than leather clothing.

There may also be many people who think that leather clothing is

Exclusive to middle-aged men

。 In fact, leather clothing is very inclusive, as long as you understand the idea of wearing leather clothing, then even young boys can wear leather clothing


。 What kind of charm does a leather jacket that high-class men can’t refuse? Follow along.

Ideas for wearing leather clothing

●Sexy design

Basic leather clothing is indeed easy to bring a sense of old-fashionedness, but men can take advantage of the inclusiveness of leather clothing to add some designs that can show their personality. By enhancing the leather jacket

Sense of design

, you can better create a sense of free handsomeness.

For example, the whole is embellished with silver zippers,

metallic elements

The addition can enhance the sense of strength and masculinity of the leather jacket, and you can also choose some unique patterns to embellish, such as

Skeleton claws

A small embellishment on the neckline can enhance the personality of the garment.

●Black leather clothing

If you ask the editor to recommend leather clothing, it must be

Black leather coat

。 No matter how old you are, you can wear a high-class sense of uniqueness, and at the same time, you can change the style and feel of leather clothing through the shape design, and choose the appropriate fit to show your charm.

At the same time, the classic fit also gives enough sense of design

Play space

, Even choose a black leather jacket that can show a sense of premium, who can not love it.

●Basic items

The black leather jacket comes with a strong one

Eye-catching effect

In addition to the sense of individual design, the luster of leather fabrics can also increase the eye-catching effect of leather clothing, so the effect of matching with basic items is very classic and advanced.

For example, black leather clothing

Black shirt

, creating a mature and personal feel, two different styles of pieces can be combined to create a mix-and-match effect. There is no need to worry about choosing a black leather jacket


Even if you wear it all-black, you can be very stylish.

So, when spring comes, you might as well prepare a black leather coat for yourself to show yourself

Handsome and stylish

and a sense of maturity, it is sure to be very charming. The feminine glamour piece has been found! Personalized and high-class leather clothing styling is coming, come and learn.

Stylish black leather wear

●Black stitched leather clothing

The black leather jacket is used as a whole

Minimalist design

, but at the cuffs to create a diamond-shaped checkerboard effect, while using brown letters to embellish, enhance the sense of personality of the leather jacket. At the same time and inside

Printed shirt

Echoing, the silver-toned necklace creates an uninhibited effect.

The black trousers are simple and versatile, while the waist is utilized

Black belt

Tighten the waist and focus on the proportions of the body to show a sense of height. At the same time, the waist is embellished with a silver trouser chain to enhance the overall matching

Personality and fashion

, creating an unruly juvenile feeling.

●Black staple leather coat

Black staper leather jacket does not have too many designs to

Simplicity is the mainstay

It can also show the fashion temperament. At the same time, the overall fit cut is very simple, and it can also show the mature sense of men, with off-white colors

Textured sweater with turtleneck

, creating a sense of contrast between shades and shades, making it more advanced.

Solid black trousers

The existence can also highlight the overall sense of simplicity. The combination of basic solid color items shows the overall masculine charm and maturity well

Simple and advanced

effect. In addition to the sense of sexiness brought by the black leather clothes, it also creates a gentle and elegant feeling, which looks like a “noble son”.

●Black smart leather coat

The cut of the black leather jacket is very obvious, and the overall line sense is also very prominent. Made with ease

Capable and mature

feeling. However, you can try to match some eye-catching items with personality on the outfit, otherwise it is easy to wear an old-fashioned sense and no fashion atmosphere.

For example

Red printed T-shirt

It’s a great choice, and it’s embellished with a silver necklace and silver earrings to enhance the overall sense of uniqueness. Wear it at the waist at the same time

Red printed ribbon

, echoing the red T-shirt, you can also brighten the black trousers, making the matching more high-end, very handsome.

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