The “turtleneck undershirt”, which is necessary for everyone in autumn, can be matched with these skills, and it is beautiful to wear

As soon as autumn arrives, the weather gradually cools, and you have to take out warm clothes and wear them, so it is important to choose a suitable underwear for yourself.

High-neck undershirts are a common clothing item in autumn, and such clothing can be matched with many items, and will match outstanding temperament.

The style of turtleneck undershirts is generally relatively fixed, and black and white tight turtleneck bottoms can be combined with many items.

How can a basic “turtleneck undershirt” be worn beautifully? Learn these kinds of collocations, wear a lazy taste, the “turtleneck undershirt” that is necessary for everyone in autumn, use these skills to match, how beautiful to wear.

Advantages of turtleneck undershirts

Defines the neck line

High-neck undershirts, as the name suggests, are undershirts with relatively high collars, such a collar can well cover the neck line and have a good modification effect on the neck line.

So turtleneck undershirts are very suitable for some women with neck lines on their necks, or thick necks, such women may wish to try it.

Show elegance

High-neck undershirts are also very able to highlight the temperament, such undershirts will give people a very elegant temperament, so it is also very suitable for matching with some temperamental clothing.

The temperament of a turtleneck undershirt matches


1) Suit suit

A suit is a very temperamental clothing item, so it is also very good to match with a turtleneck undershirt, and the matching of a suit can make the look more divided.

We can choose one

Light-colored suit suit

Like what


It’s a good choice, and with a white turtleneck undershirt, it will also look cleaner.

2) Suit + jeans

In addition to choosing a suit, a suit can be paired with a pair of simple jeans after pairing it with a turtleneck undershirt.

This combination will also make the look more retro and fashionable, and it will also look very casual and personal

, black undershirt with jeans

It will also make the look more handsome.

3) Suit + skirt

In addition to being able to match with pants, suits are also very good with skirts, and after matching with turtleneck undershirts, choose a skirt.

Want to wear a fashionable and handsome feeling,

You can match it with a leather skirt

, leather skirts can not only show femininity, but also give people a very trendy feeling.


1) Leather jacket + wide-leg pants

High-neck undershirts can also be matched with leather clothing, which can give people a very handsome feeling and is a very fashionable match.

Leather jackets can be worn with wide-leg pants

, wide-leg pants do not have high requirements for leg shape, so they can modify the leg line well, suitable for women whose leg shape is not very good-looking.

2) Leather dresses

In addition to the style of coats, leather clothes also have dress styles, and leather dresses are also very retro and fashionable,

Suitable for mature women

The combination of leather dress and turtleneck undershirt is also very common, which is very suitable for autumn, and with a pair of boots, it is really too temperamental.


The combination of knitwear and turtleneck undershirt is also very temperamental, which forms a layered form, which is a very fashionable and design match.

If you want to wear it for an age-reducing effect, you can use it

Off-white knitted vest

Match, and with a pair of white wide-leg pants, it will also look very clean.


In autumn, trench coats can be said to be very common clothing items, and matching yourself with a trench coat can make femininity more gentle and intellectual.

Trench coat paired with turtleneck undershirt

It is also very common, both black turtleneck undershirts and white turtleneck undershirts can be combined with a trench coat.

Denim jacket

The turtleneck undershirt is also very good with a denim jacket, the denim jacket will give a very fashionable feeling, and it is also very imposing with a turtleneck sweater.

The denim jacket will also look very casual, and this combination is really very common in daily life, and you can use another one


to match it.


1) Shirt + skirt

For mature women, you can use a shirt to match yourself, the shirt will give people a very intellectual and elegant feeling, and it is also very good to wear it in the workplace.

In order to keep warm in autumn, you can match a turtleneck undershirt under the shirt, and then use a skirt to match yourself, which is really very feminine.

2) Shirt + pants

Shirts are recommended to choose a simple white shirt, and then with a pair of ordinary trousers, this combination is also very intellectually attractive, little fairies who love beauty may wish to try it.

If you want to make it more feminine,

You can choose a pair of red trousers

, This combination not only highlights the temperament, but also makes the overall shape more layered.

Turtleneck undershirts really have a lot of ways to match, in general, turtleneck undershirts will be more suitable for mature women, if it is a young girl, it may be a little old.

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