Little brother recommendation: A selection of several floral and fruity perfumes, are you “sure” not to take a look?

BOITOWN Ice Cili Women’s Perfume

Brand: Bingxi Li

Top notes: citrus geranium

Heart: rose, lily of the valley, white lotus

Base notes: sandalwood, yellow sunflower, ambergris

Attribute: Female fragrance

Soft text recommendation: the top note of citrus, the floral aroma of rose and lily of the valley in the middle. A long-lasting afternote after the base note. a very “good-smelling” flower and fruit perfume; Special girl next door, especially suitable for talking about flowers in summer. Don’t you “hurry” into a bottle yet?

BAZZRLIZ Bazaar Beauty Crystal Kiss Women’s Perfume

Brand: Bazaar Beauty

Top notes: Grey tea bitter orange

Heart: Orange blossom Indian jasmine

Base notes: tea tree peach

Soft text recommendation: The tea aroma of the top note is particularly “surprise”, the aroma of jasmine and orange blossom in the heart is particularly liked, and the little brother himself is indeed immune to the perfume of jasmine. The fruity notes of the base notes are also particularly persistent. If you like the “flower and fruit blend” aroma, don’t forget to buy it!

VIVINEVO Vivigno Visionary perfume

Brand: Vevigno

Top notes: blackcurrant, honeydew melon, lotus leaf

Heart notes: marine fragrance, white lotus, May rose

Base notes: musk, sandalwood, amber, vanilla

Soft text recommendation: relatively fresh fruity aroma, maybe the lotus leaf of the top note, the marine aroma of the middle note. There is no strong floral fragrance. A relatively elegant perfume, suitable for quiet, cute little sisters. A must-have “single” item for summer!

Note: The “range” of domestic price control is too large, remember to receive the roll when purchasing, it is best to get the background roll. The purchaser chats privately about the little brother. Refuse to “enter” the pit!

Many entry-level babies don’t know how to choose their own perfume. Babies who have recently received a lot of private messages. We have selected several entry-level fragrances with good value for money. If you like the little brother, don’t forget to leave a message, forward, and support it! If you have better recommendations, you can also leave a message to share. We learn from each other!

Attribute: Female fragrance

Attribute: Female fragrance

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