Limited time to hand price 189 yuan! Xiaomi Mall launches multi-purpose electric cookers

On May 22, Xiaomi Mall newly launched a multi-purpose electric pot with a circle kitchen, the original price was 199 yuan, but now if you place an order, you can enjoy the benefit of 10 yuan off, which means that the price is 189 yuan.

According to the information provided by Xiaomi Mall, this multi-purpose electric pot has a variety of functions and provides 7 preset menus: porridge, stew, frying, searing, steaming, boiling and hot pot mode. And with the function of 24-hour advance reservation, users can choose different times to reserve cooking time according to their own needs.

There are 9 physical buttons and a display screen on the main control board, providing porridge, stewing, frying, searing, steaming, boiling, hot pot and other functions. In terms of control, support 100W-680W multi-fire adjustable, split pot body can be steamed up and down, steaming capacity 7 eggs, keyboard capacity 400ml, safe and easy to clean.

In order not to burn your hands, the body of this circle kitchen multi-purpose electric cooker adopts a fully wrapped and insulated outer layer, and the bottom is suspended design, which can be easily placed without the need for an insulated table mat. At the same time, it has double safety protection in terms of safety, and can be powered off under overtemperature or dry burning.

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