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Weaving cloth is an ancient and distant thing for elementary school students. However, some students are just curious, how is that thread woven into cloth? No, Changjiaxiang Primary School recently held the fourth “Qizhi” campus science and technology art festival, and the mini loom made by Zhang Kejia, a fourth-grade classmate, was extremely eye-catching and was “warmly welcomed” by the students.

The mini loom made by Zhang Kejia is composed of two different wooden strips, one with a fine tooth gap like a comb, and the other is a wooden strip with grooves at both ends, two wooden strips with comb teeth and two wooden strips without comb teeth are put together into a rectangular frame, and then a ball of fine wool thread is used as a warp thread, and it is wound on the wooden frame in an S shape and tightened. Then another color of yarn is used as the weft thread, wound on the shuttle, and crossed laterally between the warp threads, so that the warp and the weft are staggered, so that a small blanket will be woven row by row.

Zhang Kejia said that she had seen the weaving program on TV, and she was very curious at that time, so she kept pondering about it. I accidentally found that there were mini loom parts for sale on the Internet, so I bought it and installed it myself, learned to weave fabric, and I was very happy to weave successfully for the first time.

Text/Picturešł®Lanzhou Morning News/Palm Lanzhou reporter Xia Miao

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