Another new favorite! YSL Teddy drawstring mother, there are too many girls who like it

In the autumn and winter of 2019, a wave of novel big-name bags quietly emerged, did you find it? Do you know what types of bags are particularly popular in the autumn? It is estimated that you have thought of it, casually go to the celebrity & fashionista street auction to know that it must be a very practical, cost-effective and very personal mother-in-law bag.

What is a mother-daughter bag? So the name suggests that there are 2 bags, a large one combination design, when it comes to mommy bags, everyone should think of a bag, just like the lv neverfull mommy bag that everyone is very familiar with, the outside looks like a big tote handbag, and there is a small wallet inside.

In fact, in the history of big-name bags, there are not many sub-mother bag designs, but each can leave a great impact, this year the sub-mother bags of various brands have become popular again, let’s take a look at which ones there are.

For example, the Chanel 19 two-in-one bag of fortune bag + round cake bag, the bag is a houndstooth tweed, and the round cake bag is lambskin.

lv old flower mahjong pack, multi pochette accessories 3-in-1 PACK

LV Cat Series 2-in-1 Camera Bag

On the runway of Chanel’s autumn/winter fashion show this year, the girl’s heart is overflowing with three-in-one bags, pink soft tweed from clothes to bags are very fascinating.

Playful Fendi peekaboo mother-in-law bag

And today’s very personal, YSL Teddy Mother and Daughter Bag are very popular.

Every new bag that YSL comes out with is very stylish and personal, such as YSL Niki messenger bag, which is simply the standard for personality girls! This teddy mother bag appeared in the YSL Fall/Winter 2019 fashion show collection, this type of handbag, YSL has also launched before, is already a linen canvas that can bring everyone a very classic atmosphere, and a shopping bag-style logo pattern design.

The two colors of the YSL Teddy linen canvas mother-in-law bag, this cloth bag is very similar to the previous one, but… It’s just similar, the process of weaving is basically the same, the coating process is not the same, the effect is of course different, the feel is a lot softer, very casual and more versatile, the cabinet is still the first shopping bag so cheap, more than 9,000 yuan to buy, because ZP many materials can save are saved, environmental protection price is close to the people, even if tired of using rotten at least will not be distressed.

The outside looks very simple, but it is fascinating to see that logo, especially the black bag design of the drawstring inside, and an envelope wallet, which is actually a three-in-one bag that is very popular now.

Suitable for shoulder and hand, but also suitable for men

YSL is another Teddy mother-and-daughter bag full of personality, soft and wrinkled lambskin model, drawstring Tote bag, and like a bucket bag, and it is a mother-and-daughter bag design, such a handbag is really too fanciful.

The drawstring design like a bucket bag, the space inside is really large after opening, and it can be filled with shares like a school bag, in addition, this tote bucket bag also has a big highlight, that is, the two-in-one mother bag design, which has an envelope wallet.

This is the accessories of the YSL Teddy mother-in-law bag, an envelope wallet, which is a comfortable deer velvet material, which do you like compared to the LV NeverFull mommy bag?

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