Pandemic kills high heels? Jimmy Choo, red soled shoes and other boutique shoes how to deal with the crisis?

2020 is a fatal blow to people in many industries, especially in the United States, the United Kingdom and other people who have not been strictly controlled by the epidemic so that they have worked from home for a whole year, and there are not even many opportunities to go out on the street, working at home, slippers can be worn out a few pairs, and high heels do not have to be bought for a whole year.

And annual fashion events such as Cannes Film Festival, the Oscar red carpet, the Met Gala, etc. were all canceled, and stars stopped attending social parties, directly forcing several haute couture evening dresses, not to mention the occasion that must be used to display elegant high heels, and the demand directly broke zero.

So how do brands known for their high heels survive this nightmare?

In 2020, the “abrupt stop” of multi-national social activities in many places directly promoted the fashion industry to go “home fashion”, so is “high heel” officially withdrawn? According to Euromonitor International, global demand for designer shoes fell by 21% in 2020, and overall market demand fell by 19%, department stores are rethinking their footwear classification and heel height, in addition to sneaker, sneakers (Trainer), what shoes replace sexy stiletto heels?

Another fashion data platform Lyst in the fourth quarter of 2020 showed that slippers increased by 242%, clogs increased by 110%, low-heeled mules searches increased by 47%, including sandals, boots, etc. have become popular models, they are easy and elegant without losing their sense of design, the overall atmosphere in 2020 reflects the concept of laziness and not wanting to work hard, bloggers even walked the catwalk with pajamas and socks – no shoes at all! Under the impact of the epidemic, design with both comfort and fashion has become a trend.

In fact, the fashion industry has been prescient as early as before the epidemic, hot pursuit of sneakers and other sports trends, for first-line fashion brands such as Chanel who started with femininity, the role of high heels has become very blurred, the 2021 autumn and winter show is out, look at the whole year of this year, neat, powerful medium and high boots almost dominate the prosperous era under the feet, although stiletto heels are known for being sexy, but it is difficult to even date during the epidemic, wear high heels to show yourself? In this case, how do sexy heel brands like Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin that have emerged since the 90s respond to the broader market? Jimmy Choo

Christian Louboutin

Jimmy Choo put his heart and soul into “education”, not long ago established the JCA London Fashion Academy of the same name in the neighboring community of Mayfair in London, providing fashion higher education, including scholarships and opportunities for personal guidance by masters, aiming to cultivate potential designers, wanting to cultivate the next generation of young designers, and also aiming to develop Jimmy Choo from a shoe brand to a professional education brand.

Jimmy Choo, founder of Jimmy Choo, said he believes that “sneaker” has a unique role in this era, representing rationality, reasonableness, intelligence, creativity and elegance, “A pair of sneakers can be more than just a trainer.”

In 2020, Jimmy Choo cross-branded, pulled the famous outdoor brand Timberland to jointly promote four ultra-limited crystal shoes, classic hiking boots have become luxurious, the body, stitching line is studded with Swarovski crystals, he is trying to graft two different values – after taking off the high heels, it does not necessarily mean casual, outdoor boots that have always been embraced by trendy culture have the ultimate attention at this time. The other pair of jogging shoes studded with Swarovski crystals is also Jimmy Choo’s transformation, for him, whether it is high heels or training sneakers, sneakers can be equally extraordinary and topical, “I believe that after the epidemic, people will still want to get married, have parties, and hold events, so high heels will never disappear!” Jimmy Choo co-branded with Timberland and studded with rhinestones.

Christian Louboutin has actually developed from high heels to sneaker design in the morning, white shoe body, although the fancy shoe body is full of déjà vu, but when they lift their feet, the red sole flows a red sole DNA, successfully becoming a unique product feature, extremely clever design, successfully passing the red sole from high heels to sneakers.

Footwear/fashion trend analysis by market research firm NPD Group pointed out that uncomfortable shoes have lost popular support long before the epidemic, and the “business casual” of Generation Z office workers is tall canvas shoes like Golden Goose and platform loafers such as No. 6, they are not inclined to not sneakers, only focus on high heels brands such as AMINA MUADDI, Manolo Blahnik, Of course, it is not that for the new generation, stiletto heels have been out, the severe epidemic has made human-oriented design win, compared to the choice that is in line with the trend of the times, the kind of completely unergonomic monster super high heels need to be afraid. No. 6 Design a series of platform loafers.

Golden Goose’s tall canvas shoes.

Are you ready to “return to normal” in 2021? Whether the concept of outfit in the past has also undergone a change, and it remains to be seen how New Normal will affect everyone’s wardrobe in the future.

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