A children’s room with 2 beds, 2 desks, plus partitions, 2 children have their own space

Netizen private message: The area of the new house is only 80 square meters, two children are young to squeeze a children’s room is still okay, what should I do when I am older?

I think many families are like this netizen, have such troubles, in fact, as long as the children’s room is divided into two, the two children can have their own exclusive bedroom, which is applicable to living until they are old.

How can a children’s room be divided into two?


to achieve a split in two▼

This is possible, but it is not recommended to separate the layout. Because in this way, while the size of the children’s room is reduced, it will become more narrow and depressing, and the brick wall will take up more room area.

Here I have given you an inventory of 4 ways to fit in two, and if you have two children, you can consider this way to install.

The first one: with the help of telescopic sliding doors

Realize the children’s room into two.

In the middle of the children’s room, install a telescopic sliding door, and make a bedroom bed and desk on both sides of the telescopic door, such a children’s room design, not only realizes the needs of two children for independent bedrooms, but also makes the desk can be used as a study room, maximizing the saving of area, truly realizing “one room and four uses”, the learning space of the two children is also there, do not interfere with each other!

The second type: use partition walls instead of brick walls

, to achieve a split in two.

Compared with solid brick walls, it can play the role of partition, but it is half thinner than brick walls, so it does not take up much area, and it is appropriate to use it to separate. However, after such a partition, you need to open the door holes separately.

The third type: with the help of cabinets

to achieve a split in two.

Put a set of cabinets in the middle of the room, just to achieve the partition, compared to the partition wall, the cabinet can provide more storage space for the two children, clothes, books or toys have a place to put it, practicality is intensive.

The fourth type: with the help of curtains

Installing slides and curtains on the top surface can also realize partitions, and can be stowed away at any time, will not block the light during the day, and can be pulled up when sleeping at night, and the whole room can be used flexibly and has more possibilities.


: You can’t create two completely separate rooms, there will be interference with each other.

Finally, it should be noted that a children’s room is divided into two halves, at this time you need to pay attention to whether there is a window, if not, you must also improve by opening the indoor window, or reserving the door opening, otherwise the completely closed environment is not suitable for children to live.

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to achieve a split in two.

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