This spring’s “undershirt” is popular to wear like this, foreign

Undershirts should be familiar to everyone, which initially developed from autumn clothes and autumn pants, and the style was upgraded more and more.

But basically it is still mainly layered and matched, and if you wear it alone, the requirements for the figure are really a bit high!

In fact, undershirts are not limited to short tops, compared to short ones, I think

The long model can be worn in a more varied way.

If you want to make it shorter, you can tuck it into your pants, if you want to layer it, you can create a missing lower body, or you can wear it directly as a skirt and go out with a pair of leggings!

There are not many long underwear on the market, but it is difficult to pour grains, I really found it!

Oh, that’s it – a dervet undershirt


Double-sided brushing for double warmth

Since it is the undershirt of this season, warmth is definitely our first concern.

This undershirt uses a double-sided brushing process that touches the skin

I don’t feel pricking people at all

, but as close and soft as if you were not wearing clothes.

In addition to comfort, the thickened deron guarantees heat,

Keep warm and soft with both hands!

I have also bought a lot of De Rong’s undershirts before, but I really didn’t do my homework, and people said that I really believed it, and the result was not warm at all.

This time I learned to be smart, and I really saw the heat before I bought it.

Let’s take a look at its performance under thermal energy induction: after wearing, 24 hours of heat storage, 37 degrees of constant temperature warmth,

Even if you wear it from morning to night, there will be no coolness.

Even if it is not through thermal energy induction, usually when we choose underwear, we can have a preliminary judgment from the fabric,

Too thin for sure,

No texture and no warmth, very chicken!

The first feeling of this derong undershirt is thick when touched,

The thickness is comparable to a sweatshirt

, but the weight is nowhere near as heavy as a sweatshirt.

Therefore, while the upper body is warm and textured, it will not bring too much burden to the body.

In addition to warmth and comfort, the focus of the grain is the breathability of the underwear.

Usually when we wear it, we wear it closely, especially in winter, and we wear too much and our bodies are full of sweat,

If it’s all stuffy inside, it’s wet, itchy and breathable.

In the past, when I used to penetrate a bottoming with bad gas, I would definitely have acne on my back within two days, but this time I went home for the New Year and wore it for several days, and it was still fine, which once again confirmed its excellence.

Like those cuties who sweat badly every day regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter, I recommend that you just close your eyes and fall asleep, you can’t go wrong!

Dressing will not make you feel bound and stuffy at all,

Whether indoors or outdoors

, can control comfort very well~


High neck design, slim and enhance temperament

There are many undershirts on the market, and there is not much difference at first glance, but why are some expensive and some cheap?

It’s all because the clothes are patterned differently.

The fit of a undershirt is also its soul!

Little cuties who have time can go to the nearby shopping mall, don’t just look, be sure to try it on the upper body, you can see the difference,

Some are loose and not formed, some are too slim to show the belly and wide crotch, and some can be thin and fat.

This derong undershirt is designed specifically for Asian women’s figures, without a particularly large sense of volume and not too tight a fit.

Even if worn alone,

Details such as shoulders, waist, and hem are also finely done

, it doesn’t look cheap!

Whether you have a pear-shaped body or an apple-shaped body, you can cover your big belly and wide crotch without worrying about exposing your shortcomings.

Although it is very thick, it is not as hard and stiff as a coat, it can

Change as your body floats

, even big-breasted people who usually don’t dare to wear underwear, they are not afraid!

There are also cuties who say that the underwear I bought before is also very elastic at first, and after washing it a few times, it has no elasticity at all.

Don’t worry about that, this one is made of high-grade velvet, even if you are

Multiple washes

, nor will it have any effect on the fit.

Ask quietly:

Do you like low necks or high necks when you buy undershirts?

In fact, I don’t absolutely like these two, after all, I am a dress blogger, and I usually need to match more items, but for ordinary people,

A half-turtleneck is the most practical option.

When layering, you can expose the neckline, add layers and keep warm, but it will not completely cover the neck, so it is easy to appear that the head is large and not beautiful enough!

Even under the high-definition GIF, the texture is still resistant, this hem with a ripped design, is my own first to keep, really fried chicken has a sense of fashion, and age reduction but not childish!

Inclusiveness is really strong

, Is it completely invisible to the little belly on the body, in fact, all hidden inside, it is also gray and careful!

The shortcomings of the body are covered, whether it is worn outside or inside, you are the brightest cub on the gai.


It is not easy to pill and wrinkle, and the foundation is easy to wear

The undershirt is okay inside, if you wear it outside, pilling is the most headache for me, especially the neckline, cuffs, if this kind of long, it is estimated that when you sit down,

The PP part in contact with the stool is also very easy to pill.

But when I put it on, I found that my worries were superfluous, not to mention pilling, not even scratches.

I asked the manufacturer, it turns out that the organization of this fabric is very dense,

Not only will it not pill, but it will not even shed hair

, so in the dry winter, say goodbye to static electricity!


Wear it alone

Make it shorter

If you like a short style, you can wear it with wide-leg pants or pipe pants, and tuck your clothes into your pants to look out of proportions!

( Jiayue)

Variable length

The long style is the look of the clothes themselves, and you can go out directly with a pair of leggings, which is not only convenient to wear, but also bursting with fashion!


Wearing it in a strappy skirt/pants, she instantly transforms into a female college student on campus, and

It looks well-behaved and agile

, Even if you follow your boyfriend to meet your parents, you won’t lose at all!

( Nannan slept)

White with khaki is surprisingly high-class

, And the design of the half-turtleneck is very harmonious with this large V-neck coat jacket, and the cuties at work can wear it as well!

( Durimang)

Listening to the grain say so much, is it already moved, don’t panic, the style is satisfactory and we still have to

Learn about sizes

to place an order, not blindly impulsive!

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