See here for the breakdown action! Luo Xixi, who was out of the circle, reminded that this set of square dances only encourages everyone to go out to exercise and socialize

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Luo Xixi, a post-90s medical doctor in the Second Hospital of Zhejiang University, led more than a dozen uncles and aunts to dance square dances together. This square dance set is said to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Dance the Alzheimer’s Prevention Square Dance out of the loop! Hangzhou post-90s medical doctor: Don’t pay attention to me, pay attention to this cruel disease

Let’s take a look at this very brainwashed and simple square dance.

The video became popular on the short video platform, and many netizens jumped along with it, and even wanted the full version.

In order to let everyone see each move clearly, Hourly News breaks down the movements of this set of square dances.

The first step, the Golden Rooster is independent.

It’s about exercising balance.

In the second step, step left and right, touching your fingers with your thumb respectively.

Exercise finger dexterity.

The third step is to expand the chest and stretch the legs.

Exercise the upper and lower extremities.

The fourth step is to twist the waist and step forward.

Exercise whole-body coordination.

The fifth step is to return to the Golden Rooster Independence.

“Finger fine movements, balance training and daily walks are all beneficial in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. The golden rooster in the square dance action is independent, to the fingers, standing still, not necessarily saying what can be exercised, more calling on the elderly to go out more sports and socialize. Luo Xixi reminded.

He was actually quite embarrassed, because when he designed this square dance, it was for a very ordinary video update, and he didn’t expect so many people to pay attention.

“Several movements of this set of square dance can play a role in strengthening the brain and exercising to a certain extent, and have a certain effect on preventing Alzheimer’s.” But this does not mean that this set of square dances alone can be completely prevented. Luo Xixi said that it is more of a symbol, encouraging everyone to do more fine exercise (playing cards, mahjong), walking, aerobic exercise (running, ball games) and socializing.

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