Packaging Design Sharing | The most beautiful bottle of the year, see how foreign designers play new tricks

Packaging Design Sharing | The most beautiful bottle of the year, see how foreign designers play new tricks

A wine can stand out among many products, not only related to quality, but also inseparable from bottle design. A bottle with a strong sense of design still occupies the mind of the public’s classic bottle shape over the years.

The editor has collected a batch of excellent wines, come and take a look~

Suntory Whisky Penn Suntory rings whiskey

The bottle body design adopts a 24-faceted crystal bottle, symbolizing the staggered time of the 24 solar terms in the East, telling a story that is amazing, moving, and deep and low.

Stranger & Stranger

This series recreates the splendor of absinthe by stamping ink and embossing cotton fiber paper with its own hand mold. Unlimited wine, shimmering green and pale in my glass.


To explain the story of this bottle with a simple design, the designer pursues sensory perfection and hopes to express it well from the outside to the inside.

Reticello sparkling wine

Originating in Italy and designed with pearlescent glossy paper with an inherent diagonally embossed grid, the brand name of its design reflects its heritage.


Spring water is considered the source of life. Very clean and clear and the taste was unforgettable. Glass – is the safest type of packaging for human health. The material is completely neutral and does not emit any substances or odors, thus creating a glass bottle that mimics the surface of water.

GIN Trembling Mountain Gin

Named after the mountain that dominates Hope Valley, Hope Valley is home to the winery. A gin and story forged in local customs, bringing handcrafted premium gin to new experiences and tastes.

Japanese handmade gin

Six natural Japanese plants are embossed on a hexagonal bottle symbolizing ROKU (meaning “six” in Japanese). The bottle label is printed on stone frog paper, further highlighting the Japanese craftsmanship and mood. The striking calligraphy on the label emphasizes this feeling.

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