Liu Shishi’s short hair style is really attractive, with red leather clothes handsome and dashing, but the muscle legs are a little eye-catching

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For fashionistas, autumn and winter are not challenging cold and snow, nor the temperature difference between morning and evening, but the bloated feeling of dressing.

After all, in the autumn and winter season, most of the clothing is relatively heavy, and it looks very bulky to wear, almost unrelated to fashion.

But for some girls who love beauty, dressing unfashionably is almost impossible, and it may be said that there is a soul who loves beauty living in their bodies.

Therefore, the cold weather seems to be really difficult for them, after all, life does not end, and this battle against the cold seems to be endless.

Even in cold weather, you can’t stop wearing curvy items, such as leather clothing.

For leather clothing, compared to some other coats or down jackets, it can indeed get rid of some bloated feelings in appearance.

It creates a sense of atmosphere and fashion, gets rid of some bulky immediacy, and makes the overall outfit look more dashing and handsome.

And speaking of leather, many people’s impression of it is probably stuck in the era of motorcycle style, this kind of hippie wearing, personality and handsome items, but also can always shape the charm of girls.

In addition, over the years, fashion has also made a great breakthrough in leather clothing, whether in appearance or wear, it can show a certain avant-garde and fashion, shaping a full of big women’s colors.

Therefore, many celebrities are also loyal fans of leather clothing, for example, when Liu Shishi wears leather clothing, she changes her gentle image in the past, and she wears A and sassy.

Therefore, it can be said that Liu Shishi’s short hair style is really attractive, with red leather clothes handsome and dashing, but the muscle legs are a little eye-catching, but it does not affect the good temperament of wearing.

Liu Shishi leather clothing analysis


For the color of leather clothing, many people stay on some black style, although it is more handsome to wear, and does not pick gender, creating a female neutral beauty, showing a dashing and capable genderless style.

But blindly black, it still seems that the overall outfit has some tacky and old-fashioned feeling, and it is not so fashionable enough to wear.

And in the autumn and winter season, adding a little bright color can break some monotony and dare to shape a fashion beauty.

Therefore, the orange-red style looks very fashionable and foreign, and it can also brighten the skin tone, making the skin fair and delicate.

And for the overall outfit, it is also a very good color, which can produce a certain sense of focus, and it is also more attractive.

Mid-length model

In terms of length, the leather jacket chose a mid-length style, which is casual and casual to wear, and does not pull the zipper, from the appearance, it is really too sassy!

At the same time, for this length, it is not too picky, even some small girls can easily control.

And the mid-length model is also very friendly to pear-shaped girls, which can cover the wide buttocks and crotch, and it will visually look very thin and shapely.

It creates a very delicate and fashionable wearing atmosphere, and at the same time can bring some neatness, and it does not look so bloated to wear.

It can be said that no matter what kind of clothing you wear, the length of the mid-length model will always be the best choice.

It is friendly to small girls, and for tall girls, it can also show the proportion of long legs, creating some tall and thin visual sense, and it is also very atmospheric to wear.

Loose fit

In fact, for the shape of leather clothing, it can be divided into slim loose or silhouette.

But for daily wear, too loose or too slim is not a good choice, not only can expose the defects of the figure, but also will not look so delicate in wear.

Hence the slightly loose fit. It has become everyone’s favorite, slightly creating some fashion and handsomeness.

At the same time, it can also play a certain role in modifying the figure, shaping the fashionable and foreign sense of dressing, and will not look bloated, so for slightly fat girls, it is easy to close their eyes and wear it.

Other leather clothing outfits

Black leather jacket + skirt

Leather clothes and skirts can be described as a good match, fashionable and casual to wear, but also break the conventional constraints, showing a sense of fashion and sophistication, but also can create a full feminine style, making the dress look exquisite and fashionable.

And the black leather jacket is also a classic embodiment, and it is also very imposing when worn on the body, even if it is worn by women, it can create a dashing and handsome feeling.

Suede + jeans

Suede is a little softer than other leather tops, and there are not many hard lines to wear, creating a woman’s intelligence and beauty, and it is also very casual to wear.

And the overall earthy style creates a young texture, even middle-aged and elderly women, wearing it is very good-looking, shaping women’s personality and mature atmosphere.

Black cropped leather jacket + jeans

The short leather jacket is a representative of casualness and casualness in wearing, and at the same time it is also very friendly to small stars, without any sense of bloat when worn, creating a neat and dashing atmosphere.

And it does not lower the height, so some petite girls can really wear it with confidence, shaping the foreign style and fashion sense of wearing.

In fact, leather clothing is really a very good item, just like Liu Shishi wears it, it can also shape a different kind of charm, so I have to say that Liu Shishi’s leather jacket is quite sassy, can be concave shoulder width looks like a man, with shorts also highlight muscle legs, but the temperament is still online.

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