Modern Diary|Jeans: The “Past and Present” of Fashion Darlings

Jeans have always been an enduring symbol of Western fashion, and almost every man will own a pair of jeans. As trends have changed, pants that once appeared only as workwear can now be worn by women as well.

Picture: Screenshot of the Douban stills group of “Rebellion Without a Cause”

In the 50s of the 20th century, rebellious teenagers in the United States were influenced by films such as “Rebellion Without a Cause” and “Joan’s Curfew Dream”, and wore the same jeans as movie stars. Jeans were then exported to Europe and numerous denim brands appeared, including Lee, Wrangler and Levi’s. At that time, jeans also became a symbol of the individuality of teenagers, regardless of gender.

In the 70s, designers from major brands began to join the ranks of jeans design, and Kevin Clay boldly invited sexy actress Porky Les to shoot a series of advertisements for his brand of jeans, which was directed by famous fashion photographer Richard Aviton. In one advertising video, Porky Silk, wearing the brand’s jeans, whispered to the camera in style: “My Kevin and I are inseparable.” “In the 80s of the 20th century, Levi’s 501 series jeans appeared on the fashion stage, and their advertisements also entered TV and major theaters.

Since the 90s, straight-leg and low-rise jeans have become mainstream, and more denim brands have appeared on the market. Some brands are designed only for women, focusing on curved cuts as well as adding elasticity to the legs. In 100 years, jeans have evolved from men’s workwear to fashion designers and brands.

Beijing News reporter Yu Meng’er

Edited by Zheng Yijia Proofreader by Li Xiangling

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