Chicken poop vine? Coarse leaf glutine? Ugly and ugly traditional pastries, not red, do not have to be aggrieved

The history of the development of food is actually very similar to the evolution of the earth



“The chain restaurant/influencer food is human


of more and more

To survive

Some “ancient food” begins

Adaptation, evolution

“Tiger Skin Dumplings” renamed “Xian Bean Cake”

Add the meat pine salted egg yolk

And some “ancient cuisine” that cannot be adapted to the modern food environment

Then there should be a “Wild Food Protection Law”

Don’t let them go extinct

The fat cub brushed hot questions in Zhihu

“What pastries have you tasted loved?”

More than 2500 answers

Meat pine scallops, fairy bean cakes, and mooncakes can all be praised

Arabic desserts, Russian grand lieba are mentioned

Nobody recommended it”

Cantonese tea fruit

So, the fat cub decided on this issue

It’s also an assessment

It also applied for Guangdong tea fruit to become a first-class protected delicacy

Deng Family Chuanwen Pastry Shop

The most famous tea and fruit shop in Shenzhen


Since it is an application”



Indicate that the habitat should be remote and pristine

Deng Family Chuanwen Pastry Main Shop is far from the city center

The overall environment is the same as my income

Didn’t keep up with Shenzhen’s development

Wildlife/plants/food are too precious

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if most people see it or not

This year it opened a branch in Nanshan

I finally ate it



Simulated its “birth environment” as much as possible

Looking at the menu, I checked it roughly divided into:

Cantonese fat cubs have never eaten it


Cantonese fat cubs have not eaten for many years


Since you want to apply for “first-class protected food”




“It’s also important

Otherwise, the fat cub will apply for you

1. Glutinous rice dumplings

30 RMB/6pcs

Glutinous rice dumplings are not traditional tea fruits

The main thing to look at is whether the package is white sugar peanuts or durian mangoes

The glutinous rice skin is chewy and slightly sticky

But the overall impression after eating felt that it was fluffy

This “sense of discord” is like

“Female/Male” with “Male / Female Character Advantages”


Too many fillings to describe as “full”, yes”



It’s not delicious, just like fat I lose weight

The key is “sugar control”

And it did

A touch of sweetness, a peanut aroma

The best peanut glutinous rice dumplings I have ever eaten

2. Fresh milk coconut cake

25 yuan

The experience of drinking “authentic coconut water”

It looks particularly bad on the outside

There is no substitute for eating

The coconut water smell is particularly pleasant and authentic

The texture is a bit like jelly

3. Red bean cake

The shape of its pastry

It’s basically just usable.”


” to describe

Feel like you’re coming.”



The taste is very similar to bowl cake, which is more elastic

Approximately equal to sugar-free sweetness, clear sweetness

The red beans are large and have a faint red bean flavor

The taste feeling is

Wang Wei ate and saw red beans

“May you collect more, this thing is the most.”


May become

“May you pick more, this thing is good.”


4. vine

The name

You must have helped your child choose a nickname before

The higher the “animal content”, the better to feed

But look at its “looks”

And I feel that I really don’t want this child to be rich

Relatively hard

The hardness is equal to the chewing gum just chewed in the mouth

There are peanuts inside

A little sweetness

5. Eyebrow bean dumplings

18 yuan

Bought a salty tea fruit

The pastry sticks to the pad

I feel that I am the one who separates them hard

But the taste is not sticky

Chewy crust

Fillings include peanuts, dried shrimp, taro, green onions…

Doesn’t it sound like “colorful black”

Can’t imagine how to integrate

This pastry shop is Party B

No matter how difficult it is, it can be integrated

Every ingredient has a little flavor

And not obtrusive

A little salty

Protection is difficult

A quack restaurant

You will be asked if it is just dinner

Definitely not

This kind of food cannot be sold in Guangdong

Don’t look ugly, tea fruit, thinner than red face

I think the tasting period is the day

Overnight, the taste will be reduced

Glutinous rice dumplings are completely refrigerator allergies

It hardens as soon as it is released


Fat cubs are not people who like traditional pastries

But I think every one of the shops is good

Whether it is in the category of tea fruit or traditional pastry

Overall recommendation: 4.5 stars (0.3 stars of which support local traditional food)

Taste: 4.2 stars

Like-for-like: 4.5 stars

Price (in terms of production): 4.5 stars

5 out of 5 stars, 3.5 stars for passing, 4 stars for excellent, deserving 4.5 stars specifically

Store information

Shop: Deng Family Chuanwen Pastry Shop

Address: Shenzhen can not be seen as the ancient city of the ancient city

Per capita: 30 yuan

25 yuan

25 yuan

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