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Source | Uncle Ann’s Fashion Notes (Author: Uncle) A girl with a royal sister’s heart, a super practical grass number, Dcup Girls’ Dressing Institute

Many people ask me to write Korean icons that are worth paying attention to on Instagram, after all, they are also Asian, and it is better to dress for reference. I want to say that Korean fashionable young ladies are basically high-grade Yan + chopstick legs, and their bodies are so good that they burst~ can they really be used for reference? Let’s go and flip through it together!

1.Irene Kim


Height: 178cm

When it comes to Korean bloggers, the first thing that comes to mind is her, since dyeing her colored hair, the recognition is not a little higher, and it is not an exaggeration to call it the first time blog in Korea.

From long hair to short hair, there is basically no hair color that she has not dyed.

High appearance, smaller than Nicole Kidman’s face.

Inner double, very white skin, love natural makeup, occasionally draw an eyeshadow is very grassy.

Irene should be regarded as a star-level blogger in South Korea, watching shows with Park Shin-hye and Jessica, and often turning to her on star Instagram.

Together with Ouyang Nana, Katayo Ryota, and Chen Yu, he appeared in the February 18 issue of China Red Show~

She is a model with a height of 178, long legs, and high street photography production.

Recently demonstrated two sets of spring trench coats look~ Although she is long legs, small people can also be referenced.

The way to wear an early spring dress is very practical! The polka-dot skirt comes from Club Monaco.

Also demonstrate how to wear highlights in spring, you can copy the whole set ~

Even the ornaments are very grassy, which is a must-follow list in the blogger circle~

2.Chriselle Lim


Height: 175cm

The famous fashion blogger Chriselle Lim is a Korean blogger who also has a high-end face with a double face~

She is also a hot mother, and her daughter’s name is Chloe~

My husband is also in good shape, and he often gives dog food in disguise~

Compared with Irene’s girlish feeling, her outfit is more mature, each piece is very textured and tasteful, and I want to contract it all ~ The control of color is also very good.

Demonstrate how Asian girls can build a European and American style look in spring~

The figure is not inferior to the model, and Irene walks in a row of legs longer.

It’s cool to wear jeans and fairy skirts~

She is also a vlogger, and every time I watch a video, I sigh that it is really good to match!

I like the vintage style and put simple plaid suits and shirts together.

Girls who want to walk elegant retro style, it is highly recommended to pay attention to her~



Height: 170cm

이호정Although she is a model, her partner Lee Fangwon and U-IE have starred in the TV series “The City That Never Sleeps”.

and Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-na starred in the movie “Young Police”.

The deductive resources are very good, and because it is a model under YG Kplus, the interpersonal relationship is also enviable.

As a 97-year-old… I’m embarrassed to call people a little sister at my age…

Single eyelids, but super positive with makeup!

Tall and thin, she likes to wear various styles of leather clothes~

Or a complete set of denim~

The furry coat that looks very bloated if she can’t wear it well, is full of aura on her.

There are also printed skirts that ordinary people think will be very catastrophic,

This curly hairstyle, put on the big face is simply a disaster.

I especially like to see her wearing a suit, casual and handsome.

Solid stripes can be worn to create their own feeling. Not overly mature, but without losing aura.

Retro suits are super cool there! Totally provoked.

Two little fairy looks done with Dior also fit.

Occasionally, you’ll be taught two ways to wear a knitted cardigan.

Wear comfortable travel for private travel, with wide-leg pants for easy walking, sneakers, and comfortable and stylish plaid shirts.

A young lady with a warm smile and a very pleasing smile~



Height: 171cm

Anyewon is a super sweet-looking ’01 model sister.

I was caught by her street photo outside of fashion week, and I thought who this was, it was too sweet.

Not only velvet dresses, even ordinary shirt denim skirts, I can’t look away from her.

I like the style of daily dressing, if only I could be so tall, I would like to wear it every day.

Different colors of sweatshirts wear different styles, black is cooler, pink real girl.

The brown one is obvious, from the Korean brand BPB.

When wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, he tied his ponytail and draped his hair as if he were two people.

You people with small faces look good in all kinds of glasses.

It is cute to wear various headbands.

Wearing hats of all colors can be held.

Before the short hair and wearing the school uniform, she was the famous good-looking girl in the school.

And now the hair has grown, and there is more of a light mature girl’s temperament.

Cute girls always take pictures with some dolls, such as Brown the bear in the Internet celebrity Line.

And the most kawaii one in major supermarkets.

Although there is no more information about her at present, I also hope that this young lady can take the flower road!



Height: 172cm

I think her appearance should be a misanthropic face, anyway, I like it.

Relatively thick lips are also her characteristic, in short, the more you look at it, the more addictive the type.

Dressing is more Korean, super suitable for wearing a variety of fur coats, lamb wool is the entry.

I was dressed like a lady’s dark imitation fur, and she wore a hooded sweatshirt and baseball cap, and she suddenly became fashionable.

And this haze blue, wearing it on her body does not feel bloated, it is very eye-catching.

It is probably the most suitable girl to wear a fur coat in my impression at the moment.

I also love to wear a vintage blazer.

A cutout fringed sweater, even want to buy the same one.

Even mesh stockings with a skirt will not feel tacky,

Who says a misanthropic face can’t be paired with a floral dress?


Even if you look good, it’s still tall. Even if you are tall, you are still thin. Various small slings are able to travel directly out the door.

Wear yours with slacks or denim skirts and return to supermodel in a second.

Dressing also goes retro, like a retro top with puff sleeves,

There are also retro glasses ~ (come and appreciate the willfulness of long legs)

Probably the spokesperson of the berets, every time it is very grassy.



The Korean sister who is a softer sister has appeared in some MVs, and the one I am most impressed by should be Park Won’s “All of My Life”, which is very beautiful in it.

Oh, and by the way, this striped shirt is from Ralph Lauren.

After that, Qi bangs were replaced with fluffy romantic middle, and I felt more foreign.

Girly face, but it belongs to a high-class face with a wide eye distance, and the hard photo taken by the shirt is very aura.

The skin is nice and looks good in red.

Occasionally, I pick up a camera and go on my own long trips.

Tall and skinny, he loves to wear all kinds of oversized.

Or a big sweatshirt~

The combination of different shades of blue is very eye-catching, and you can learn it by rummaging through the wardrobe.

Finally, I planted the glasses she wore, from the Korean brand FAKE ME.



Height: 173cm

A Chinese-Thai mixed-race model developed in South Korea, he belongs to the well-known Korean modeling agency ESteem model.

He has a high-class face, and standing casually on the side is the supermodel.

Although she developed in Korea, I feel that she has the feeling of a Japanese model.

Every time she looks, I think, what a ride! But it is unexpectedly harmonious ~ such as the various combinations of sweatshirts.

You can wear not only a rainbow striped cardigan, but also a suit and fur.

The fisherman’s hat with a large fur coat can still be so fashionable~

Backed by the hipster Supreme fanny bag, it is accompanied by a ruffled piece.

Relying on the appearance to support the neutral style of the suit suit.

Different styles of skirts can be mixed and matched with sneakers.

Look at the dressing gown and slip dress, sweatpants, how do ordinary people wear it out?

Champion’s sports socks can be worn with fur slippers.

And I found her to show her shoulder and neck line is super beautiful!

This underwear look is super suitable for going to various concerts and music festivals.

After all, people are not only thin, but also have long legs.

8.Tiana Tolstoi


Height: 180+

Tiana Tolstoi is a Korean-American supermodel born in Paris, her father is Serbian, and her mother is Korean, although she is born in France, she is a fan of bigbang

The contours of the face are angular, but it is a very three-dimensional small face, and the face can really be brushed for a long time.

The show and hard photos are full of girly feeling, but super aura~

Handsome and beautiful, it can bend you if you are not careful.

Dressing in private is really cool to have no friends.

The upper body of the long legs is still wearing such a short ~

Laughing like the little sister next door, I can’t help but be friends with her.

I only hope that the little sister will not be lazy and brush more pictures to show us~

Well, in fact, there are a lot of good-looking young sisters, the reason for the space is not much to write, you can add in the message area ~ Good night.

Source | Uncle Ann’s Fashion Notes (Author: Uncle) A girl with a royal sister’s heart, a super practical grass number, Dcup Girls’ Dressing Institute

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