The sisters all wear knee-length boots, which can be very delicate in winter and walk neatly

When many people go shopping, they will choose to go with sisters, when you have a sister who is about the same height as yourself, and you are very good at matching, then it becomes more exciting, tall figure, is born, maintain the figure, this we can control ourselves, so want to be more exquisite, we ourselves must also work hard, winter matching, to have winter characteristics, choose your favorite style, you can also match some similar elements with sisters, this will be more interesting, make shopping more interesting.

These two beauties choose suede over-the-knee boots, the style and style are very similar, it seems to be discussed, such similar elements, flat style, shopping will be easier, with white leggings, so that the warmth effect is also good, they are tall, model figure, slender and straight legs, so this outfit is very delicate, but also make many people envious, they are paying attention to maintaining their figure, so they will be so good-looking, but also with a fashionable and atmospheric feeling, many such girls in life, now the living conditions are better, I have also increased my height a lot.

One chooses a black down jacket, short style, the buttons are not tied, in order to show a little inside, this style is also very good-looking, many people will like this style, a black underwear, the hem is slightly longer, a little dress effect, this feeling is very good, no need to match a short skirt, look at the style a little sweatshirt feeling, the beauty is overall black matching, is also a very exquisite fashion effect, winter like what color of beauty is many, but also have a sense of layering, so that it will be more exciting.

Her sisters choose a white jacket, with a black short skirt, white can be very simple, the front has black letters embellished, the hem is also a short style, so black and white contrast, is also a very classic color, black short skirt matching, looks very feminine, is also a relatively simple matching style, with a black turtleneck, so that it looks warmer, no down jacket, looks simpler, but it will not be particularly cold, they will not spend too much time outdoors, so don’t worry about them will freeze.

Their overall collocation, there are similar places, there are also different styles matching, dark and light color contrast, so as to highlight their own characteristics, few girls who dress exactly the same appear, sisters shopping, don’t all be the same, there are many sisters with similar clothes, but the figure is tall and well-proportioned, very good at matching sisters, there are really not many, do you have such sisters in your life, choose some good-looking and exquisite clothing, but also make yourself look more fashionable, wear also to continue to learn, keep trying.

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