Autumn and winter must-have boots, what kind of combination makes fashionable elves wear a sense of luxury?

Winter 2019 is coming, and when it comes to the most photographed items in winter, the indispensable choice is boots! There must be many cuties like the editor, like boots but dare not try them easily, dressed well is a long-legged artifact, and it is easy to appear at the scene of a car accident if you don’t wear it well!

Boots have been very popular in recent years, whether it is hard photos of foreign stars or domestic street photos, you will find its shadow from time to time to create a full screen of long legs and a sense of premium.

As a treasure of concave shape, boots are not only versatile but also practical, and have always been loved by fashionistas, but how to choose and wear boots to wear a sense of luxury? Today, the editor will talk to you cuties~

Although there are many styles of boots, from the shoe type there are thick heels, thin heels, pointed toes, round toes, etc., the upper material has leather, suede, sock boots, etc., in short, there are many types, if you want to find a boots that suit you, you can work harder.

First of all, from the material point of view, boots of different materials feel completely different Oh, for example, suede and suede boots are the basic models in boots, although they look like no sense of design, but they are very versatile, no matter what style of material clothes can be matched with a sense of premium~

And from the boot barrel, tight boots are more close to the legs, can perfectly fit the leg line, wide boots are too loose, but will be counterproductive, although the leg muscles are hidden, but the overall appearance is easy to make the legs look short and fat, therefore, it is not recommended that cuties try it easily~

Different styles of boots, the style is also very different, pointed toe boots are more sexy and capable, suitable for women in the workplace and light mature style, full of femininity.

Round-toed boots are much softer and more comfortable, and most people can handle them and match them better, which is more casual than pointed toes, comfortable and playful.

The square-toe style is more fashionable and retro than the pointed toe and round toe, and it is also the first choice for daily wearing.

The classification of boots is basically the above styles, after teaching everyone how to choose, now let’s talk about the most concerned issues, how to match, fashionable boots matching guide is as follows!

This year’s most popular pair of boots is jeans with boots, which is a perfect combination, a pair of tight boots with a pair of tight plain jeans, whether the upper body is with a white shirt, leather jacket or loose jacket is versatile and good-looking.

Long boots with short skirts, a sexy and playful style. The most daily match is boots + sweater + small short skirt, the mini short skirt is more playful, and the tight short skirt is more sexy, and the shorts, leaking a small part of the thigh, can stretch the visual proportion of the leg, more leg length.

Boots + coat + long underwear, this style is more suitable for light mature women, over-the-knee boots with a basic long underwear, and then with a textured coat, the three pieces are combined together, the overall style is capable and temperamental. The choice of boots and coat, the color tone is as consistent as possible, full of high-end feeling.

After reading this issue’s collocation guide, are you excited? Grab a pair of boots to match and make you more stylish this year!

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