Wide-leg pants + thick jacket = the thinnest match in winter! Just wear it

To prevent embarrassment when wearing pants, it’s time to take out the secret weapon in my closet –

Wide-leg pants


cr. Tina_ Yuanzi

Have to say! Wide-leg pants really

A piece that lasts

, wear it in summer, and wear it in winter.

Thick leggings are not tucked into skinny jeans, but directly a pair of wide-leg pants

Hide the meat tightly!

C. Xiaoning wanted to travel


Wide-leg pants in different materials

Wear it in winter,

Wear it with a variety of good-looking coats

Warm and style!

cr. JANN/Tu What You Do/hailie

So I’ll give you the whole one today

A variety of wide-leg pants with a coat

Small notes, remember to collect it first and then read it~

I feel like denim is the soul of wide-leg pants!

Which girl can not have in the closet

Denim wide-leg pants

This? Versatile, classic and all kinds of dressing possibilities!

cr. Paint you what to do

Southern sisters collocation

Knitted sweater

, The casual feeling is too comfortable~

The “straight” of denim wide-leg pants and the “soft” of knitwear are contrasted between the two materials

The visual layers are rich and very attractive


And with a coat, there you have it

American retro

That smells!

Denim wide-leg pants should not be too wide,

Just piled up at your feet

It’s very feeling.

Don’t dress too formally

Relaxation is the essence of look!

Cr. Jiajia was not troubled

The cropped down jacket is bloated on the upper body, so the lower body denim wide-leg pants

Don’t choose too long

Just about

Cover the upper

Just OK~

And long down jackets are easy to eat, so

Roll up to expose your ankles or add a belt over your down jacket

, clear waist line, the lower body is also sharper.




Like this

Long + long

The outfit is also too sassy!

You don’t need too much color for the whole body, just that

The base color adds some texture to the atmosphere

, instant aura 2 meters 8!

Short jackets are compared to denim wide-leg pants

Highlight youth and age-reduction

part, the color of the pants is changed to old

Smoky gray

, the overall tone is Japanese Uniqlo style ~


Fancy and playful

Sisters who matched, I gave you Amway before


It is very suitable for winter, the color is refreshing and clean, and it is a very different texture combination!

Partial workplace femininity

Sisters, might as well try

Suit wide-leg pants

Be sure when choosing these pants

Drapes well and covers the length of the foot

, otherwise it is embarrassing to wear it in winter.

cr. Bai Dafei


It is its best companion, which can not only highlight the taste of fashionable elves, but also solve the small shortcomings of fat and thin~

C. Sisi Chen

I recommend this style more

Wear it as a set

Also, don’t do so much variation on the color level,

Uniform color is the simplest and most advanced

, There are enough achievements with small accessories ~

This is a little limited to CP’s style, but it

More emphasis on texture and premium

If you want to highlight some small highlights in your outfit, you can

Replace the material of your suit wide-leg pants with more grainy woolen suit pants

And pair it with a coat

Thick and formal

‘s coat, the temperament is immediately much higher!

Or in color,

Highly saturated suit wide-leg pants echo the scarf

, The outside is pressed with a dark checked coat, full of retro Hong Kong style temperament!

cr. Agar pear

Directly change out the coat and match

Daddy suit or fleece cardigan

, a little more casual, more down-to-earth feeling.

cr. I like instant noodle rolls ah rhyme / artichoke leisure

It’s easier to wear it with a down jacket,

Light color scheme

Not to mention, it is still very lively, and it weakens the formality of the suit wide-leg pants at once!

C. Zeng Luer

Knitted wide-leg pants

It’s so suitable for this warm and soft feeling in autumn and winter~

Beige, oatmeal, caramel knitted wide-leg pants are OK,

Match the underwear or jacket in a uniform colour scheme

, very Korean drama big sister feeling.

C. Sisi Chen/Hailie

And, the knitted wide-leg trousers are soft material

Fits smoothly but does not fit closely

, inclusive of all body types, also

Don’t pick a style

, any coat can handle.

C. Cr. Lee Che Jean

Like this thick and fine knitted coat

Wear yours with tonal wide-leg pants

It’s very advanced! There is no extra color assistance, very cool matching.

A fur jacket paired with knitted wide-leg trousers is even more familiar, and different styles are switched back and forth.

Light khaki with rounded style is more feminine, and smoked gray with leather panels is more handsome and cool.

Cr. Bai Dafei/sssslin

Not to mention the coat, the whole one

Lazy and stylish

A model of this!

Wear it with a down jacket to avoid wearing pajamas, so you can try it

All “white”

, simple and elegant and warm!

Did C. Woods Woods/Nancy sleep today?

Tips: Try to choose quilted styles for down jackets, so that the overall is thin and thinner!

Frock wide-leg pants

This piece is completely detached from the word feminine lady,


is the attitude it wants to express.


Japanese casual style or British gentleman’s style

, the whole collocation is required

Pay attention to tone,

Vintage nostalgic pieces are a plus!

The pairing with a tweed suit is very mixed, inside

Layer knitted cardigans with rich layers

to increase the highlights.

Every year it is hot

Black and white plaid coat

It is the key to retro British accent, and it is stable with black cargo pants.

Cargo pants are between casual and formal, just in line with the ease of movement on the down jacket,

Athflow wind

It’s true, let this group of partners play understand!

Of course, because the fabric of the cargo wide-leg pants is stiff, I recommend it

Be sure to show your ankles



Wear it with a down jacket that feels bloated

It’s easy to be as wide as it is up and down!


The small man is slightly fat

Sisters. Choose a cropped coat,

The colors of the inner layer are unified

, Showing your ankles again, looking tall and thin, isn’t it a matter of minutes?!


Okay ~ today

Wide leg pants + thick coat

But the most versatile slimming combination in autumn and winter, how to wear it is classic and fashionable!

C. Xiaoning wanted to travel

cr. Paint you what to do

cr. Paint you what to do

cr. Paint you what to do












C. Sisi Chen

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