Wear the most beautiful trench coat this spring and be the most beautiful heroine in the spring breeze

Trench coats have always been a must-have for “big heroines”, whether it was 1999 or 2019.

“Every time I watch a black and white movie, all I see is the trench coat, and I don’t even want the movie to show them taking off their trench coat.” Fashion godmaster Nina Garcia once said.

Tang Wei in a trench coat in “Late Autumn”

From the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” to “Late Autumn” to “Mission Impossible”, those female images that impress us are inseparable from a long trench coat.

“White Widow” in Mission Impossible 6

Even the trench coat that Uncle Ge wore at the Spring Festival Gala was planted by thousands of girls, and some people also found Ge You’s “fashion blockbuster” in 1991, this khaki trench coat was really fashionable for 28 years.

The trench coat is a classic item for 10,000 years, but many people are worried that they can’t hold up, in fact, it’s not that the trench coat itself is not easy to control,

It’s that we don’t choose the color and fit that suits us.

The most classic khaki

Probably the hardest to wear

Let’s start with color. In those street photos that make us “excited”, many people wear khaki. But for yellowish skin,

The yellowish khaki not only shows the yellow face, but also the complexion will deteriorate.

Alexa Chung’s yellow leather looks a little dull against the backdrop of this trench coat, therefore,

If you are not white, avoid all yellowish and dark camel colors.

A camel with a little gray hair will be more suitable for Asian skin tones, without affecting the versatility attribute, and the complexion will also appear better.

As well as gray-green, it looks good on a trench coat and is very friendly to yellow skin.

Warm tones and dark skin tones look good in cool colors, if you are afraid that dark colors are easy to look dull, it is especially recommended that you choose gray light khaki.

Of course, pure gray does not affect the color and is fashionable.

Small man wearing a short style?

The windbreaker looks good if it is long

In addition, we may have a misconception about trench coats – small people should wear short trench coats,

For the windbreaker, long can reflect the style.

There are two lengths that are the most difficult to wear fashionable, the first is a short trench coat that just covers the hips, which is difficult to match and easy to make the figure fifty-five.

The second is a knee-length mid-length skirt + knee-length trench coat, the length is awkward and a little scruffy.

If you already have these two “bad ones”, wear them as dresses and tie them with a belt.

If you wear it with other skirts, choose a narrow body and have a loose contrast so that it will not become bloated.

The most recommended length is the length located in the middle of the calf belly

, does not cut the proportions, but also reflects the free temperament of the trench coat.

At this length, skirts and pants can be worn casually, and the leg length can be extended with wide-leg pants + pointed toe shoes, and small people can also have slender proportions.

Even if it is tied tightly, the exposed calf is the thinnest part.

Trench coats should be fashionable

Wear a “size bigger”

It is said that the clothes should fit, but this point obviously does not apply to the trench coat, if the size of the trench coat is just right, it will be very difficult to present.

Especially this way of wearing a trench coat as a skirt, without leaving a little extra space, the advantages and disadvantages of the body will be visible.

The most important thing in wearing a trench coat is to have a sense of ease

, so the looseness should be required, and it will be much easier and more comfortable when layering other items.

The right size is that it will be one size larger than the usual clothes when worn, and there is a certain sense of space, so that it can look good open and tight.

There are no restrictions on fabrics

But don’t wrinkle your trench coat

You may also wonder that some trench coats look stylish, while others are soft and collapsed, which is actually closely related to its material.

Cotton is comfortable and breathable, has a certain degree of warmth, and the biggest advantage of polyester is wrinkle resistance, excellent durability, and it is easier to maintain the original shape of the coat.

But whether it’s pure cotton or blend, remember to choose high-density materials

, otherwise the clothes are soft and weak, easy to collapse, very sad scenery.

Many brands will also add linen, silk and other materials to the fabric, so that the trench coat will be more flowing and dynamic.

In the past two seasons, it has also been particularly popular for long leather trench coats, which are more tough and handsome.

Liu Wen wore a brown suede trench coat during the just-concluded fashion week, which was particularly impressive.

There are many styles

Everything goes well

The most common windbreaker styles are single-breasted and double-breasted, which are very daily, while double-breasted is more British and feels more handsome.

The single-breasted trench coat is more casual and less mature, suitable not only for office workers but also for students.

You can also try a stronger sense of workwear, which has more small details such as epaulets and windproof pieces than ordinary trench coats.

Don’t want to be “rustic”

Don’t go with the basics

The trench coat is versatile, so you may think that you can’t go wrong with other basic pieces. But the trench coat + basic model is very bland and may also reveal a little earthy flavor.

White shirts, leggings or solid Tee are all everyday pieces, but together with the trench coat, there is only a sophistication and moderation.

Ripped jeans and sweaters that don’t match the style, even the model’s good figure can’t hold up, and it looks lazy and weak.

When choosing pants that fit with a trench coat, you can choose denim/cargo pants, which are not demanding on the leg shape, and can be rolled up casually to add visual layering.

Wide-leg trousers that match the temperament of a trench coat can also be perfectly integrated, full of high-end flavor and double the style.

A variety of skirts with a sense of design or special colors can also compensate for the blandness, as long as the skirt does not exceed the length of the jacket, half body or one-piece.

Swap out the basic pointed-toe heels on your feet, and a pair of black Oxford shoes will instantly bring back your presence, and also add a bit of vintage playfulness.

A little color embellishment

The overall fashion is a big plus

If you want to wear a trench coat is not boring, you can use colors to brighten up, such as replacing a dull white shirt with dark green.

There is also caramel friendly to yellow skin that can be used as an inner layer, visually forming a deep and shallow contrast, enriching the layer, but also colliding with an attractive sense of premium.

There is also a blogger who wears a trench coat called Alexandra Carl, who often uses some small areas of bright colors to make the whole fashionable and special.

Pants, bags and shoes can be matched with some different colors, if you are afraid of poor control, you can choose less saturated.

If it is a light gray trench coat, blue, leopard print and a small area of bright colors can be safely combined, and each other’s temperaments can be perfectly balanced.

Putting bright colors on bags and shoes, finishing touches without stealing the scene, is a smart way to wear.

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