The barracks has a lot of fun on weekends

It came from the barracks

Bursts of laughter

In the Hebei Armed Police Corps

In the barracks of the Qinhuangdao detachment

The officers and soldiers are organizing an interesting event

I want to know what kind of activity it is

Make them laugh so hard that they can’t keep their mouths shut?

Then follow our lens

Walk into the scene

Take a peek!

Rapid Trimoku

Rules of the game

All personnel are divided into 2 groups, circle 3*3 squares with tape 10 meters from the starting point, and prepare 5 dumbbell pieces of each of the two types. After hearing the whistle, the two contestants quickly rushed to the square with dumbbell pieces, put the dumbbell pieces into the square, and either side connected the three dumbbell pieces in a line to win the team.

Take a look!

With a whistle

Deputy squad leader Yang Wanjun rushed out with an arrow

Slam the first piece hard in the middle of the board

“Come on! Come on! ”

With the shouts of the soldiers off the field

The fighters of the second platoon were the first to form a line

Won the game

This game is not only

Fitness competition

It is also a contest of intelligence

All-round development can win the “battlefield”!

Delivery of ammunition

Delineate an area 10~20 meters long, and set the start and end points on both sides. At the starting point, place several balloons that are not fully blown up. When the game starts, each team member blows up a balloon, and then the two people clip the balloon through their backs and transport the balloon to the finish area. It is required that the two people in each team cannot touch other parts of the body when holding the ball on their backs, and the balloons cannot land during the whole process, otherwise the team needs to return to the starting point and start again, and the maximum number of balloons transported within 2 minutes is the winner.

“Not controlling the rhythm,

Fortunately, He Junjie withstood me,

Otherwise, I would have sat on the ground with my ass long ago. ”

After the game, Private Zhang Teng still had “palpitations”

This time the back clip balloon competition

The test is team cooperation and team strength

The mini-game is a big idea

Unity is strength!

Tacit change of clothes

According to the number of people, there are 3-6 groups, each group has 5-10 team members, arrange the order of each team members, and prepare 1 piece of clothing for each group. Each team has one clothes puller, the first member of each team listens to the whistle and starts dressing, then pulls his hands with the second team, the clothes puller puts the clothes on to the second team member, and so on, the last team member dresses the winner, and the shortest of all teams wins.

“Hurry up, hurry up, catch up, speed up!”

The arena suddenly boiled

They cooperate tacitly

The audience was filled with exclamations

The faces of the comrades who participated in the event were covered in sweat

The comrades who were cheering next to him slapped their hands numb

My voice is hoarse…

The barracks were full of joy

The officers and men gained a lot

Let the officers and soldiers feel the collective joy

Understand the power of unity

Let’s look forward to seeing you next weekend!

Unit: Qinhuangdao Detachment

Authors: Wang Xuguang, Zhang Haijun, Guan Yaowei

Photography: Zhao Yifan, Li Pengcheng

Rules of the game

Rules of the game

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