This year’s trench coat chose to wear a “different” one! Sporty trench coat jacket for age-reducing and fashionable looks

Are you still wearing a classic trench coat in a traditional style this year? Come and see the latest fashion trends this year, trench coats tend to be sporty, simple and atmospheric. Or a trench coat with a workwear-style jacket, which is also particularly popular with women. Mature women become more youthful and energetic after wearing sportswear trench coats, and can show their unique charm while reducing their age.

Sporty windbreaker jackets are more in line with our daily needs, and some trench coats also have a windproof and rainproof effect. Unlike ordinary cotton trench coats, which love to crease and are not easy to take care of, sports-style trench coats have a simple and neat upper body.

White sports style trench coat

The sports-style trench coat looks more loose and casual, does not make people feel very restrained, and is comfortable to wear.

The white sports trench coat jacket is unique, clean and fresh, giving a striking effect.

The combination of sports trench coats and jackets can also be sweet or salty, so you should wear a handsome feeling. Wear yours with sneakers and little black pants, and a comfortable long T-shirt and trench coat mix and match for a casual and slouchy feel. If you want to wear femininity, you must match it with a pleated long skirt to look very gentle and gentle.

The white sports trench coat jacket is clean and simple, and the smooth crewneck design is more neat. The loose cuffs cover the excess of the arms and have a flattering effect on the upper body

。 White is refreshing and clean to wear in spring, and no matter what color the underwear is with, it is very eye-catching.

Khaki sports style trench coat

The windbreaker sleeves are balloon sleeves designed to appear looser, which is perfect for mature women who have fat on their arms, and can effectively modify the line of the arms.

The loose-fit top does not have the effect of cinching the waist, and it looks better when it is worn without buttons.

Dark blue sports trench coat

In addition to the classic khaki, the trench coat is also very good to choose neutral colors, such as white, gray, dark blue, these colors are very suitable for coat.

The dark trench coat and brightly colored underwear can play a color harmonizing effect, making the whole person look elegant and atmospheric.

Small children recommend that you choose a short trench coat, which can show off the slim and petite figure.

The dark trench coat has a loose fit and a sporty casual style. The bottom can be paired with jeans, sneakers, and it looks youthful and energetic.

Trench coat in cargo style

If you want to dress coolly, you can choose a workwear-style sports jacket with large pockets on the clothes to add a tough atmosphere. It’s good to wear with skirts or pants, and you can wear a mix and match effect with skirts.

The tough cargo jacket and feminine skirt collide with each other to create a different feeling.

Gray is also a more high-end color, low-key and connotative, very suitable for mature women to wear elegant charm.

The cargo style sports coat army green is one of the classic colors, and it looks full of texture. If you want to match it even better, you can use the little trick of color.

For example, using the matching method of contrasting colors, choose a pink skirt and a green jacket for the lower body, which has a strong visual impact.

The traditional trench coat, presumably everyone already feels too ordinary to highlight their personality! Then try to match it with this sporty windbreaker jacket for a cool look in spring! The combination of trench coat and skirt can show the elegant temperament of a woman!

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