Vibrating knife printing edge patrol cutting machine

Edge cutting machine refers to the addition of photo auxiliary facilities on the basis of the cutting machine, configure the software to automatically extract the contour, to achieve the purpose of edge cutting, the cutting process is basically similar, but because of the development software and hardware configuration, the cutting speed and recognition accuracy are very different.

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Common printing pattern edge cutting machines on the market include laser printing pattern edge cutting machine, vibrating knife printing pattern edge cutting machine, laser edge cutting machine is banned in some parts of the country, so now more used for vibrating knife edge cutting machine. Vibrating knife edge patrol cutting machine adopts blade cutting, cutting technology is very mature, compared with laser edge patrol cutting machine, vibrating knife edge patrol cutting machine cutting efficiency is higher.

Printing pattern edge cutting machine

Vibrating knife cutting machine is suitable for printing carpet, printed clothing and other materials cutting, there have been many customers purchasing and feedback, the market has matured, users can rest assured to purchase, Jinde vibrating knife cutting machine using self-developed AOLCUT cutting system, simple and easy to operate, basic two hours can be learned, the cutting process is specific: put the coil into the feeding rack, the plate is directly put on the work surface, the camera takes pictures into the computer, the cutting system automatically extracts the contour, manual modification, performs cutting.

Leather print cut

Jinde vibrating knife edge cutting machine adopts integrated welding body, supports customized splicing equipment, convenient for equipment transportation problems caused by the width of the entrance door, the working surface adopts aviation alloy work table, thickness up to 42mm, the bottom of the table adopts tracking sub-regional adsorption system, for a generation of full adsorption system, the material fixing capacity is stronger, more energy-saving.

The printed fabric vibrating knife edge patrol cutting machine is still developing, gradually moving towards a more accurate and efficient era

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