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67kg 99/78/92 sizes can be referred to

Last year, I went out to play in the snow without wearing thermal underwear, and I had a cold when I came back, so I decided to buy a few thermal underwear this year, and I will share it with you by the way. I don’t have very high requirements for warmth, so I didn’t consider piling and thickening, and probably wore it at home most of the time. Because the temperature is not low now, I haven’t been able to find out if there will be static electricity after wearing it for a while.

Paragraph I

This fabric is a bit thin, but both sides are fleece, it feels like the fit is a little bigger, I chose the first size L, and the pants are a little loose. The collar is medium and high neck but will not be strangled, the overall is still relatively comfortable, and the thickness of the fabric is also okay to keep warm. This wholesale piece can also be photographed, but it may not support returns.

Paragraph II

This one is also double-sided with velvet, about the same thickness as most of the velvet fabric, and the back, abdomen and legs are thickened with thicker patches. The whole is a non-marking cut, the fit is slim, I chose M is a little small, but it is still more okay to keep warm. Photographing can be reduced by five, which is equivalent to free shipping.

Paragraph 3

The fabric is soft and stretchy, making it comfortable to wear. But the fabric is a little thin, the overall is a bit like thicker stockings, I chose a medium size feels a little short, should be more suitable for about 120 pounds to wear, there are also women’s models. The cuffs and cuffs are stretchy, and the fit is slim, which may be more suitable for thin friends.

Paragraph IV

This is a thin German velvet, I feel that the fabric is a bit like a quick-drying fabric, I chose a size L, the fit is slim, the warmth effect is general, and it is a little expensive, but the color is good. This one may be more suitable for friends who are not so cold in winter but want to wear a bottom, and where it is cooler, you can choose a thicker German velvet in the store.

The first four are all Alibaba’s and can only be opened with a browser.

Paragraph 5

Red beans are pure cotton, which is relatively thick and warm. But I feel that the fit is not very good, the sleeves are short, and the crotch opening is easier to go away, but this price is also more favorable. I chose 170, except for the sleeves are a little shorter, it’s okay, and if I choose a larger size, it may be a little looser.

Section VI

The secret of cat people should be a new brand of cat people, and the price is a little higher. This fabric is relatively thin, and the fit is also slim, which is good for the warmth of double-sided fleece. Maybe it’s more cost-effective when fifty or sixty dollars, or buy one get one free at this price. I chose the L size and it felt a little tighter.

Section VII

Huxi is a brand under Aimer, this is a normal thickness of De Rong, the whole is cut without marks. This one I chose size L, the top is still relatively fit except for the narrow sleeves, the trouser belt is slightly larger, and the warmth effect is also good.

There is also a banana 302, but another article has shared, I am more satisfied with this fabric version, and I have not found any quality problems for the time being, so you can also take a look if you are interested.

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