A must-have in autumn! Ultra-safe and moisturizing lip balm, 2 sticks for 9.9 yuan free shipping

After the beginning of autumn, the air humidity drops, and the most direct feeling is dryness!

Especially the lips, unlike other parts of the skin, it does not have the protection of sebaceous glands and sweat glands, and it becomes more fragile in the dry season!

It is tight, cracked, peeled at every turn, and binge drinking water does not work. The mouth is full of ravines, the lip lines are crisscrossed, like the bark of an old tree, and then put on lipstick, sigh, miserable.

Adults are difficult to escape this calamity, not to mention children with delicate skin, their lips are uncomfortable and they can’t help licking, and the result is that the licker and drier, the drier and drier, the vicious circle.

If you can’t control it to tear your lips, if you are not careful, it will be a bloody mouth, hissing, hot pain…

In order to get rid of the lip drought as soon as possible, we chose it after evaluating the safety, experience and cost-effectiveness, and then chose it – Runben Baby Lip Balm.

Lilac Mother Knowledge Festival, we and the brand side to grind the skin of the lips, for everyone to win the value-added benefits!

Autumn skincare package


2 Baby Lip Balm + Home Skincare Class.

Lipstick is made of food-grade safe raw materials, high moisturizing and moisturizing, 0 flavor 0 pigment 0 preservative, babies, pregnant women, nursing mothers, adults can use!

There is also a “Family Skincare Class”, which contains ultra-practical skincare knowledge to allow babies to have healthy and good skin in all seasons.

Original price 69 yuan

Now the second bargain price is 9.9 yuan free shipping!

10,000 servings in total! Seconds are earned!

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Free shipping as low as $9.9

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In addition to lip balm, during the Knowledge Festival activities, there are also practical and value-for-money home must stock up + good lessons such as home cleaning, complementary food, and dental care!

Free shipping at $9.9 minimum!

Make a point –

August 14 (which is today) at 10 a.m.!

The explosive subsidy activity starts, remember to set an alarm clock and hurry up to choose your favorite products!

Afraid of not being able to grab it, it’s okay,

During the period of 8.11~8.18, the explosive subsidy is available every day, and the robbery starts at 10 o’clock every morning!

Come, let’s give you a list of low-priced explosive products, invite family and friends to kill together, and you can get more wool:

1. Home care gift package 9.9 yuan free shipping

2 bags of Daikus Baby Enzyme Laundry Detergent + Home Care Class.

Formulated with Danish enzymes, it can effectively remove stains, leaving clothes clean and soft after washing.

The additives that Baoma is most worried about, phosphorus, fluorescent agents, preservatives, bleach, there is none! Wash clean and safe, babies and adults can use it!

There is also a “Home Care Class”, which provides a comprehensive understanding of baby’s skin care knowledge from washing and sun protection.

Original price 39 yuan

The subsidized price is only 9.9 yuan!

Invincible and cost-effective!

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AAG 2 ~ 6 years old children training chopsticks 12.9 yuan free shipping

To train your baby to eat independently, it is indispensable to have suitable tableware.

This training chopstick can allow the baby to quickly master the chopstick holding posture, the chopstick head is widened and non-slip, the dishes are stable and accurate, and with the cute cartoon shape, it is extremely motivated to eat!

Made of eco-friendly ABS resin, it is safe and resistant to falling, and it is safe to bite.

, the subsidized price is only 12.9 yuan! Ask the family to stock up on two sets together, one at home and one set when you go out, so that the baby can use reliable tableware at any time!

8.18 Start the rush promptly at 10 a.m

3. Fat loss gift package 9.9 yuan free shipping

Fat Loss Bootcamp Lesson + Cordless Skipping.

Lilac mother’s specially created fat loss training camp class, including diet plan + training plan, to help you eat the right fat loss meal, practice the right movements without injury, do not have to run hard to the gym, you can effectively lose fat at home.

There is also a super hot cordless jump rope, which is not limited by space, and is equipped with a yoga mat, so you can burn fat at home without disturbing the people.

Grab is earn!

4. Baby food gift package 9.9 yuan free shipping

1 set of Mountain Flower Fork Spoon + Baby Food Supplement Class

The spoon head is just the right size and depth, the baby is OK to eat and drink soup, the fork deepens the fork teeth, it is easy to insert broken noodles, fruit, and the flower baffle can also prevent accidental swallowing.

With such a set of forks and spoons, it is enough to cope with daily complementary foods and snacks, allowing the baby to smoothly transition from feeding to eating on his own.

There is also a “baby food supplement class” to tell you what to eat with complementary food, 6~24 months old baby complementary food addition list, arranged clearly, so that the baby eats nutritious and healthy.

Original price 19.9 yuan

The subsidized price is only 9.9 yuan!

8.16 Grab starts promptly at 10 a.m

In addition to the above goodies, there are more value-added surprises during the Lilac Mama Knowledge Festival!

Baby Four Seasons Socks, 3 pairs for $9.9!

Newborn diapers + baby care class, 9.9 yuan!

Baby concentration small class + supporting teaching aids, 12.9 yuan!

No need to compare prices, no routines, set the alarm clock, grab it!

Lilac Mama Knowledge Festival

Get a large coupon

Explosive good class 0 yuan learning

In addition to the huge subsidies for everyone to buy and buy, there is also during the event

Full discounts, discounts, coupons and other fairy discounts!

Take the small book, do your homework, the low-priced god list is easy to come out, and take everyone to preview it first.

1. 3 benefits for newcomers

8.11~8.18, new users can download and register the Lilac Mother App to enjoy triple benefits: the three high-quality compulsory courses will be directly reduced by 100 yuan; Top 10 hot courses, limited time 5% off; Classic early education lessons start as little as 1 cent.

Whispering, old users can call relatives and friends to register and place orders~

2. Buy a savings card for $1 to $55

Spend 1 yuan to buy 1 money-saving card, a total of 55 yuan red envelopes in the card, including 10 yuan no threshold coupon, one sum can be returned.

3. Explosive good class punch 0 yuan learning

The first three years of the baby’s life is a critical period for development, but it is a big test of life for new parents, without scientific and practical knowledge and skills, it is impossible to deal with various parenting problems.

Therefore, in this knowledge festival activity, we also came up with full sincerity, 3 lilac mother explosive good lessons worth 99 yuan ~ 199 yuan:

“0~3 years old parenting guide”

“Picture Book Parent-Child Lesson for Parents”

“Celebrity Personal Trainer’s Posture Yoga Class”

Now you can learn 0 yuan by punching in! No need to send moments of friends, no need to pull people around, as long as you complete the study, you can get full cashback, and you can withdraw directly without playing virtual!

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Original price 39 yuan

Original price 39 yuan

The subsidized price is only 9.9 yuan!

Scan the code to enter the main venue

Scan the code to enter the main venue

Scan the code to enter the main venue

8.18 Start the rush promptly at 10 a.m

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