The case is well chosen, and the iPhone 13 is cool: talk about the several phone cases I must buy every year

Every year I get a new iPhone, and I buy a lot of cases. If I had to recommend four shells, I would think the following four categories.

My needs for shells are mainly divided into: extremely thin, transparent all-inclusive, MagSafe. It is no exaggeration to say that these four shells are the shells that I will buy in advance for these two years. They are PITAKA aramid fiber (aka “Kevlar”), PowerSupport AirJacket, Apple MagSafe transparent and leather shell.

In the above segments, I think they may all be ceiling-level existences. So if your iPhone 13 is also about to arrive, you may wish to listen to me analyze it~

MagSafe protective case

Starting with the iPhone 12, Apple brought a new MagSafe feature to the iPhone.

But if you want to use MagSafe magnetic, charging and other functions, you must use it with MagSafe protective case. At present, in addition to Apple’s official one, it seems that only OtterBox, which has a good relationship with Apple, is available.

MagSafe components have already begun to be shipped to third parties, and more brands may be sold this year.

The components of the MagSafe protective case, Apple is embedded in the shell, and the third party usually exists in the form of a patch.

So this year I still bought two Apple models in advance as usual, transparent and silicone. These two have already been talked about in the previous part, so let’s talk about them briefly.

Apple shell

This year’s new shell color scheme is not very pleasant, so I bought golden brown. The real thing is okay, and the color and last year’s flower rhombus are a color system.

Weighing 27g is not light.

The process is not different from last year’s version, and the lining, flocking and crimping treatment are the same.

The biggest problem with the shell of the apple is that it is very easy to peel, even if you do not use it often, it is basically a month to peel.

And the characteristics of the genuine leather caused by the intolerability, I didn’t use much this day to find a broken piece. But it doesn’t matter, we are not artist obsessive-compulsive, just a shell.

The biggest advantage of the leather shell, in addition to the feel and texture, is the button. Because of the addition of button pads, it is much more comfortable than Apple’s transparent and silicone.

The more I use silicone shells, the more I don’t like it, but I buy two every year. In addition to being easy to oil, and greasy in summer and sticky in winter, the advantage is that the color is good.

Apple transparent shell

399 transparent shell, many people feel that they are grabbing money. But this is currently one of the best MagSafe transparent shell processes on the market.

The transparent shell MagSafe module cannot be transparent, so Apple made a white design. When I first saw it last year, I thought it was ugly, but now I am used to it.

This shell is not a pure hard shell, but TPU+PC, elastic rubber frame + plastic back plate double structure. But if you look closely, you can’t see treatments such as clamping lines, and Apple’s material fusion process is perfect.

Considering the problem of disassembly and assembly, Apple still stubbornly does not seal the edge on the transparent shell. Of course, there is a risk of bumping with a bare chin, so pay attention to it every day.

The weight is 28g, which is actually 1g heavier than the skin shell of an apple, of course, it may also be a measurement error.

Although this transparent shell frame is TPU, it is still not resistant to falling. Once dropped, the corners will crack.

The yellowing problem started from 1 series 2, and the process seems to have improved. On the left is the one I used for about three months, and on the right is new, I can’t see any obvious yellowing marks, which is also better than the general transparent shell.

Of course, Apple’s shell comes with MagSafe. If you don’t use this feature at all, I don’t think it’s necessary to spend more, after all, it’s quite expensive. MagSafe, almost no one around me uses it, and the market acceptance is not very good at the moment.

Let’s talk about two non-MagSafe cases that I really like.

Extremely thin

I bought the Max version in previous years, but this year because the performance of the Pro and Pro Max versions is not bad, I resolutely chose the small 13 Pro.

The Pro Max weighs more than half a pound in the shell, and I really don’t want to embarrass my little finger anymore.

But no matter which version, it is always right to pursue the ultimate thin protective case, after all, who can refuse the phone to be lighter?

If you want the ultimate thinness, you have to work the material. With many materials that can be made into protective shells, Kevlar has become the first choice for both extreme thinness, excellent feel and protective performance, after all, Kevlar is also one of the “world’s three high-performance composite fibers”.

Because its flexibility is very good, most body armor also uses this material. In the field of data cables, it also represents extreme durability, usually added to the core as a stiffener.

PITAKA Kevlar protective case

There are several Kevlar protective cases currently in the works, but in terms of R&D strength and product richness, I still prefer PITAKA.

This is divided into magnetic and non-magnetic versions, and I bought this non-magnetic fine line model for the ultimate thinness.

The magnetic model is different from the way of patching on the market in that it is directly and perfectly embedded in the MagSafe magnet ring, and you can also take a look at it if you are interested.

Because the scarce Kevlar material of 600D is used, the natural yield is very low. And the processing technology is very complicated, and many people criticize the Kevlar shell that is not good workmanship.

PITAKA I have bought for both years, and I have not found any process problems so far. The mold is very accurate, and there are no burrs on the edges.

Each shell has an individual number.

The Kevlar texture of the 600D is very delicate and costs a little more.

The point is, this shell is only 9g, which is much lighter than the common shell.

This year’s Yuanfeng blue with PITAKA, this fine-grained Kevlar, is also very good-looking, and the feel is very close to bare metal. After all, the 9G is actually not very weight-conscious, and the right-angled bezel is also consistent with the iPhone.

Because the material is very thin, MagSafe can also be absorbed, but the magnetic force is weaker than the built-in MagSafe module. If you want to magnetize, you can also buy PITAKA’s magnetic model, they also make a lot of magnetic ecological accessories, richer than Apple’s.

The buttons adopt an open design, so naturally there will be no problem of hard buttons.

It is directly the feel of the original machine.

The interface location is designed with a trapezoidal protrusion, which the designer has considered very carefully.

Because the station often pushes the data line of ifory Anfrey, the interface is relatively large, and the conventional opening of the official shell will be pushed to the edge.

PITAKA’s design circumvents this problem very well.

The top is also an open design, although it is very light and thin, but the corners will still have a certain protective effect when falling, after all, the Kevlar material is very tough.

Transparent full envelope

Many people like transparent shells, and I am certainly no exception. If you don’t have MagSafe needs, then PowerSupport might be the best option.

Just now I said that Apple’s transparent shell is the best process in MagSafe transparent shell, then PowerSupport is the best process in the conventional protective shell.


As a brand that has cooperated with Apple for many years, PowerSupport has been focusing on transparent shells and has a good user base in China. Much like some old Japanese brands, they have done one thing to the extreme.

This may be the only brand in the big brand protective shell that still insists on the all-inclusive hard shell, and buy and cherish it.

Interestingly, this year’s packaging is also environmentally friendly, canceling the previous hard shell flip packaging.

After wearing it, you will find that Yuanfeng Blue looks so good.

In contrast, Apple’s MagSafe ring is really not good-looking, sacrificing beauty for functionality.

It also weighs only 18g, which is lighter than most protective cases. Of course, it is still slightly heavier than the PITAKA perverted thin and light, because it is a 600D Kevlar.

PowerSupport’s hard shell can restore the color and texture of the iPhone to the greatest extent, which is not comparable to the general soft shell. And the process is still online, no water lines and rainbow reflections appear.

If you look closely, there are very fine dotted textures inside, and you can only see some if you get very close. This is also the classic design of PowerSupport, which can effectively avoid the water ripple problem caused by transparent shell while not affecting the transparent visual effect.

The all-inclusive design also protects the bezel more than Apple’s open bottom.

Open buttons, but only slotted in the key part, which is not the same as the design of PITAKA.

There will be no problem of hard buttons, and the original machine keys will be used directly.

The edges of the corners made a slightly downward circular over, for easy disassembly.

The breakpoint design on the upper part of the interface is also PowerSupport’s signature, which reduces the toughness of the bottom frame and makes disassembly more flexible.

When dismantling, first pull off the left and right bottom corners, here you need a little skill.

This time, I also bought a transparent black together, and the iPhone 13 Pro with Yuanfeng blue is also very good-looking, and it will become a gray blue purple combination.

This color is matte material, which will be more friendly to fingerprint hand sweat. This is the end of my afternoon, leaving only a little trace.


Taking advantage of the iPhone 13 Pro’s hot hand, I talked to you about the four shells I bought.

PITAKA’s Kevlar is extremely thin, PowerSupport’s all-inclusive transparent, Apple’s MagSafe transparent and shell.

The price of the four shells is not cheap, but they all have one thing in common, that is, the craftsmanship and materials are among the best in the industry.

Finally, a summary of the general summary.

PITAKA’s Kevlar weighs only 9g, which is suitable for people who pursue the ultimate bare metal feel;

PowerSupport, which may be the best all-inclusive hard shell process at present, can restore the texture of the iPhone well;

Apple’s MagSafe transparent shell, the two materials blend very well. But as a transparent shell, 28g is indeed a bit heavy;

Apple MagSafe shell, leather and workmanship are not said, but easy to peel, depending on your choice.

OK, that’s basically it.

Bye bye…

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