Remember the big cotton pants of your childhood? The straps are in the pocket, and the aisles are all difficult for thieves

From the Internet to see the picture of children wearing suspender cotton pants, the memory flashed back to when he was a child, from childhood to adulthood, cotton pants are sewn and quilted by my grandmother, cotton is also played by hand, from one to 14 years old, her old man insists on making me a new pair of cotton pants every year, and must bring a pocket… I didn’t listen to it, so that my classmates still laugh at me to this day, and this thousand-year-old terrier can’t be put on hold.


At that time, there were no current camel down or down pants, national cotton pants, and some southern friends asked me what kind of clothing was wrapped in the bulging cotton pants of northeasterners… I carefully demonstrated: in addition to the pants, first put on the pants, then tie the pants tightly with socks, then put on the cotton pants, and finally put on the outer pants…

The same is true of the cotton jacket, the thread jacket is inside, the cotton coat is in the middle, the outside wears a single blouse, the cotton jacket is “snapped”, when it is taken off, from the bottom up or reverse to tear, they will respond to the sound of full open, the sound is very brittle, in addition, the collar of the cotton jacket is very chic, it is a kind of Tang clothing, small collar, curved edge, as shown in the picture.


Every year after the beginning of autumn, grandma began to dismantle the old cotton pants and cotton jacket, cotton is reluctant to throw away, a fine flick, pick out the dirty, and add some new cotton, make it up and make it is five pounds, if the fabric is not broken, wash and continue to use, when it grows, add another scrap to the legs of the trousers, what is left at home, so the cotton trouser legs are always contrasting.


A cotton pants can put in 5 pounds of cotton, what is the concept? It can stand on its own… Before wearing, it is necessary to put the quilt stack (an old-fashioned facility for storing quilt mattresses) for a few days before it can be put into the outer pants, the aisle is very difficult, like wrapped in soft plaster, more like a white upper body, a few days before wearing new cotton pants, it is better than the old man and old lady who ate calcium tablets, and it is difficult to go up to the second floor.


I showed my friends the old cotton pants at the bottom of the press box and told them in detail how to wear them, how to go to the toilet, and where to cover their hands, but they were interested in the old topic: What is the experience of wearing cotton pants with pockets in junior high school?!

In the era when everyone wears cotton pants, you can’t see the figure in winter, everyone is barrel-shaped, but the diameter is different, some are thicker and some are thinner, don’t look at the northeast winter ice and snow slippery, with the protection of large cotton pants, no matter how heavy the fall can not break the bones, no matter how cold the bench can not ice the butt, no matter how hard the wind can not blow through the knees.

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