Li Qin’s “lazy” winter dress is very studious, dressed simply and down-to-earth, and all rely on scarves to save

Li Qin can be said to be the best among female stars of the same age, her appearance, figure, acting skills, and clothes are very good, the only pity is that she is always a little bit away from the fire.

Li Qin

The most important thing that cannot be underestimated is her clothes, whether walking the red carpet or attending events, her style can always amaze everyone. And the young lady is also very good at wearing in private, and recently fell in love with the airport

“Lazy aesthetics”

, easy to learn and good-looking, it is worth learning from everyone’s daily life.

Let’s take a look at Li Qin’s latest airport outfit, and this time she chose

all black

How to wear. The simple and handsome motorcycle-style cotton suit + small black pants outline her figure very tall and slender. Of course, the black outfit also shows Li Qin’s cold temperament, and the whole person looks cool and sassy!

In fact, her seemingly simple and down-to-earth collocation is actually very testing her figure, and girls with ugly legs basically dare not copy her look.

Most of the female celebrities’ private clothes can only be appreciated, because the concave shape is too much. And Li Qin’s careless but fashionable outfit is what we should collect and learn.

Li Qin’s “lazy” winter outfit this time,

The detail treatment gets rid of the sense of passers-by

。 The first is the collision of design + basic model, wearing out the style. After using accessories to complete the counterattack, the contrasting striped scarf broke the dullness of the shape and wore a fresh and flexible feeling.

Many girls have learned a lot of dressing skills, but they will step on the thunder every time they practice. If you are also a giant in theory and a short man in practice, then it is better to start with the basic model in winter, let the niche accessories, become the face of the entire look, there will be no mistakes and the street will explode!

Li Qin’s recent two private clothes,

Dress simply and down-to-earth

, all saved by scarves, but did not expect to “shine” in the crowd!

Li Qin chose the coat necessary for the goddess for winter this time, and the color matching did not deliberately pursue “nobility”, but because the fabric version was very “positive”, it showed a full show

A sense of sophistication

The blue coat, although the lining is more elegant and young, the inner layer is very ordinary, but because of the use of the outer elastic and internal tightening wearing method, the body temperament is online. What is even more eye-catching is that she once again chose to use a scarf to concave the shape, giving people a warm atmosphere and bringing focus to the style.

Li Qin is tall and slender, and the advantages of dressing are very obvious, even a bloated down jacket cannot seal her good figure. Of course, there are many women who are in good shape but always step on thunder, because they do not play to their strengths.

Li Qinyong

Tonal wearing

, extended his height, and because of the loose and tight outfit, showing straight and slender calves, the goal of showing height and thinness is easily achieved. With not complicated pieces and skills, wear a heartwarming look, this clothing is too against the sky.

Gorgeous dressing style, Li Qin is even more familiar. Through the stacking of dressing skills, a unique and eye-catching look is created, and the moment the picture freezes is there

The style of the magazine blockbuster

The jacket is not easy to wear, dashing and fashionable, and can easily win countless eyes. Of course, Li Qin’s inner wear is also very eye-catching, the skirt suit, the outer short and the inner length have a sense of layering and show the leg length, bringing more excitement to the look!

Independent and complete inner layer is the key to beauty in autumn and winter

After all, in the season when the temperature difference between inside and outside is large, the inner layer can be separated from the coat “unique beauty”, which is a compulsory course for exquisite girls.

Li Qin chose a suit very lazily this time, whether it is inside or outside, it can help you dress exquisite and temperamental!

Closer to Christmas and New Year and other holidays, arrange more red sweaters, and go out to improve the return rate. Illuminated by festive decorations,

Red can also enhance the complexion

When matching, as long as you don’t choose a red outfit, but use black and white clothing to balance the color, the upper body is bright and beautiful, how to wear it looks good!

Li Qin’s new drama spoiler picture is even more eye-catching, exquisite makeup + retro-style suit suit, the temperament of the eldest miss of the Republic of China is held to death, and this drama must also be chased for this style!

I am a partner, if you are confused, you can message me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Learn to dress with the match, and we will become better and more beautiful people together!

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