Takeaway can buy iPhone 13 in installments, and the operator’s contract function can be reduced by 1,000 yuan

The reporter learned on September 29 that as the domestic operator with the longest cooperation with Apple, China Unicom officially launched exclusive offers such as “financial contract purchase directly reduced by 1,000 yuan”. Meituan also joined hands with 498 Apple authorized stores in 117 cities to bring services such as hourly delivery and installment purchase.

China Unicom said that its launch of the iPhone 13 series first sale carnival brought exclusive benefits such as “financial contract purchase directly reduced by 1,000 yuan” to the public, as well as a series of various related preferential benefits. In addition, China Unicom has also launched the Jinsuda delivery service, and after the public places an order in the China Unicom APP to purchase a new iPhone mobile phone, it will be delivered exclusively by the business hall closest to the consumer’s delivery address.

With the upgrade of services, consumers only need to scan the code to register after purchasing iPhones at channel stores cooperated with Unicom, and Unicom customer service staff will apply for 5G cards, preferential packages and other services for them.

As a third-party platform, this time Meituan Takeaway also began to sell iPhone 13 series mobile phones. The person in charge of Meituan Takeaway introduced that in addition to the fast hourly delivery service, it will also provide installment purchase services for qualified users to facilitate consumers. The person in charge also said that at present, the post-90s and post-00s have gradually become the main force of shopping on takeaway platforms, and their consumption habits are increasingly inclined to “what you see is what you get” and “can’t wait”.

Image source: China Unicom

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