Unclear SK2 three essence, give everyone a popularity

Still, SK2’s skin care products, as long as you are allergic to his family, you can really rewrite your skin’s destiny, three essence, it is recommended


1 small light bulb: Dizziness, whitening to yellow, improve red, acne marks. Improve dark yellow, brighten uniform syrup, improve skin white gloss.

2 small silver bottle: deep deceased muscle bottom hidden spots, accurate direct spot acne marks, accelerate melanin metabolism

3 small red bottles: frozen age repair, colored skin rejuvenation, full elasticity, firming anti-wrinkle, anti-aging

SK-II Source Drill Essence / “Small Bulb” Essence


Aura started called “small light bulb” SKII small bulb 50ml, whitening essence. For hitting the bottom spot! To brighten your skin. Want to whiten. To be freckle. To decease acne marks. Try it. Persistence, let your skin tone a few degrees, SK2 home, although the price is more expensive, it is really the effect of seeing, a penny, who is beautiful


Skii whitening essence, small silver bottle!


Note: The spot begins with the little bulb is that the flet essence is a white bottle, while the bottle of the small light bulb has a little color. Its main function is freckle, for hitting the bottom of the spot. To brighten your skin, you have to whiten, you have to freckle, you have to fade acne marks, try it, stick to your skin color to brighten a few degrees, although your price is more expensive, it is really effective.

SK-II Red bottle essence (small red bottle)

Red bottle muscle repair essence, it can fix the keratin. White translucent, good delay, absorption, refreshing but does not moist, tightening anti-aging pores, smooth skin effect, with a while, I feel that the skin is slender, smooth! I don’t touch my soft and tender love, SK2 small red bottle is really good. Expirement is infinite!

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