The 19 kinds of “poisonous thermos cups” that were exposed seriously exceeded the standard of heavy metals, and countless children were using them

Don’t give these thermos cups to children! The life-threatening thermos cup exposed by CCTV, hot water in, poisoned water out, do you have it at home?

In recent years, many black-hearted businesses have been driven by interests to produce a lot of toxic thermos cups, these poisonous thermos cups circulate wantonly in the market, once purchased and used, they will definitely pose a great threat to health.

According to the news, the relevant personnel randomly purchased 50 thermos cups offline as samples, after inspection, it was found that only this batch of 19 thermos cups failed the quality inspection, their heavy metal content seriously exceeded the standard, the water brewed in these cups not only can not be healthy, but will poison your liver organs, is a terrible life-killing cup.

Therefore, when we buy a thermos flask, how should we avoid lightning? In fact, the original version of the thermos flask we know is the thermos flask, and even the principle of thermal insulation is very similar: use ceramic stainless steel as the inner tank material, use food-grade plastic as the outer packaging, and add a heat insulation layer in the middle,

In this way, the water contained inside the water bottle can delay the heat dissipation, so as to achieve the purpose of heat preservation, and the thermos cup has become a must-have in everyone’s home. There are many thermos cups on the market, each thermos cup looks exquisitely made, and the inner wall of the cup is clean and shiny, but such a thermos cup may exceed the standard of heavy metals.

Recently, there is such a news that made mothers sweat again: the reporter bought a batch of children’s thermos cups from the market, in order to test the quality of the thermos cups, the reporter took the way of brewing tea to observe the internal quality of the thermos cups. In just the past three days, the inner wall of the thermos cup has been directly corroded, and the tea leaves have also emitted a strange smell.

Obviously, this is the problem with the material of the thermos cup. After subsequent professional examination, the material of these thermos cups contains a large number of nickel, manganese, chromium and other heavy metals, experts said that because tea contains a lot of chemical components, the use of these thermos cups will separate the heavy metals harmful to the human body, if long-term intake not only easy to lead to damage to the body’s antioxidant system.

It may also induce dermatitis or digestive tract problems, and may even get cancer. Compared with glass cups, stainless steel thermos cups are easy to carry and durable, so parents will use thermos cups as the first choice for their children to bring to school.

If this kind of thermos cup is held by the child in his hand every day to drink water, and the child’s physique is not as good as that of an adult, this is very likely to cause chronic poisoning, and even endangers life. In order to avoid this situation, how should we choose a qualified thermos cup? We’ll reveal the secret in the next issue.

In order to ensure health, how should we avoid lightning when choosing a thermos cup? Mothers who often buy goods for their children should be able to find that the price of thermos cups on the market is particularly different, and some thermos cups can reach thousands of yuan in value, and even cheap ones are even free shipping for only a few dollars.

Although we pursue to buy the right thing or not, the more expensive the product, the better, but too cheap thermos cups are really cheap and not good, and some thermos cups in the store are even three no products. There was a girl who soaked red dates in a thermos cup, only to remember after ten days, did not think, just opened it directly exploded, the cup lid was directly bounced up and hit the child’s right eye, after examination, the child’s right eyeball was ruptured, and whether vision can be restored is a problem.

In 2020, the total output value of China’s thermos cup industry reached 396 million, an increase of 6.74% compared with 2019, but behind the increase in the number of thermos cups, there are many inferior thermos cups indiscriminately charged, which is the last thing consumers want to see.

It is said that you get what you pay for, researchers bought back several thermos cups of different prices from the market for evaluation, these thermos cups are added to 5% hydrochloric acid solution for testing, the result is only thirty yuan worth of thermos flasks detected heavy metals exceeded the standard, in fact, this is the consequences of merchants using cheap 201 stainless steel to impersonate 304 stainless steel.

Generally speaking, heavy metal exceeding the standard mainly refers to the inner tank of the thermos cup, the main material of the inner tank is stainless steel, he has strong corrosion resistance, high toughness and other advantages, so it is also the first choice for kitchen utensils or tableware in daily life. Now there are three kinds of stainless steel materials on the market, 201, 304, 316. Among them, 201 stainless steel belongs to industrial stainless steel,

His acid resistance and corrosion resistance are poor, it is easy to corrode in the process of use, and most of the unqualified thermos flask materials in the above cases are 201 stainless steel, this stainless steel

It is a high-quality material for the production of various cases and straps, which can only be used in industry.

In order to save costs, many manufacturers will choose to use 201 stainless steel as 304 stainless steel, but he

It is not suitable for use as a thermos flask. 304 stainless steel is internationally recognized as the first choice of food grade stainless steel, this stainless steel material is rust and corrosion resistant, has good processing performance, and meets the requirements of national food grade stainless steel.

The quality of 316 stainless steel is better than 304, generally speaking, most of this stainless steel is used in medical or heavy industry equipment, is an imported material, the same his price is higher than the first two, not easy to be accepted by the public;

Among these three stainless steel materials, only 201 stainless steel is not suitable for use as the inner tank of the thermos cup, it can be said that he is not suitable for drinking water at all, has long been pulled into the blacklist, understand this knowledge, and then choose the thermos cup must focus on the inner tank material of the thermos cup, everyone must not choose 201 stainless steel, good conditions are recommended to choose a 316 stainless steel thermos cup for children. In addition to polishing your eyes, these incorrect use can also be dangerous.

Have you ever filled your child with milk in a thermos cup? Have you ever brewed goji berry tea in a thermos cup? Some people will put hot milk into a thermos cup for children to take with them to drink, but the acidic substances contained in dairy products will have a chemical reaction when encountering stainless steel, which is not conducive to human health, in addition, the microorganisms in milk will also accelerate the reproduction at higher temperatures, which can easily lead to baby diarrhea.

In addition to milk, orange juice, cola, sprite and other acidic drinks are not suitable for putting into the thermos cup, stainless steel is most afraid of strong acid, long-term high sweetness of acidic drinks can easily lead to a large number of microorganisms breeding and deterioration. Remember, only boiling water and thermos cups are the best match!

It is recommended that you do not pour the freshly boiled hot water directly into the thermos cup, and it is most suitable to pour it when the water temperature drops below 70 degrees. Even if you only drink boiled water, you must carefully clean the cup every day, whether it is the inner tank or the mouth or lid of the cup, these places are easy to store microorganisms and bacteria, and cleaning up is easy to cause diarrhea in children.

Before using the new thermos cup, we can use boiling water several times to disinfect the cup at high temperature, it is best to preheat it with piping hot boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes, so that the insulation effect of the cup will be better, remember not to add excessive water, so as not to overflow the boiling water and burn.

When parents clean the cup for their children, remember not to scrub with steel wire balls, stainless steel surface has a thin oxide film, its role is acid resistance and corrosion resistance, although the use of steel wire ball brushing the vacuum flask can indeed clean the stains, but this will destroy the surface material structure of the inner tank of the vacuum flask, the number of times, the insulation effect will be greatly reduced, until the loss of insulation effect.

Whether your thermos cup is a safe cup or not, don’t worry, teach you four ways to identify. First, see with your eyes. The appearance of the inferior thermos flask is not meticulous and smooth, and the inner wall of the qualified thermos flask is matte, looks evenly polished without any scratch marks, and there will be stainless steel 304 or 316 words at the bottom of the thermos flask.

Second, smell with your nose. Open the box to smell whether the smell is pungent and unpleasant, a manufacturer with strict quality control must pay attention to the material of the outer packaging, if it has not been used to smell a very heavy smell, it is not recommended to choose. Third, qualified thermos cups have inspection certificates, trademarks and instructions, etc., even if there is a problem after-sales can be kept up in time, if there is no introduction information on the outer packaging, consumers should be cautious to purchase. Finally, touch it, a good thermos cup will feel much more comfortable than inferior ones, and it will be heavier to pick up, touch whether the welding mouth of the cup has burrs, you can also feel the quality of the cup. With these purchase methods, we can safely soak goji berries in the thermos cup, and it is really worth the loss to be poisoned by the thermos cup. That’s it for this video, we’ll see you in the next issue.

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