Earn 380,000 in 3 months! Featured agricultural products are sold on the “cloud” E-commerce new farmers are happy to share dividends

“Dividends!” The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, and the rural revitalization e-commerce service station in Yongshou Town, Meishan City, is a joyful scene. On January 20th, representatives from 11 village communities in the town gathered together to share cash dividends and enjoy the dividends brought by the e-commerce operation of characteristic agricultural products!

The Red Star News reporter learned that last year, Jingdong Cloud built the “Chinese Specialties • Yongshou Town Pavilion” with the local government around the development idea of “fruit picking industrial belt + e-commerce town” in Yongshou Town, and officially launched it in September 2021. Through Jingdong’s characteristic C2M reverse customization, agricultural product uplink and live streaming and other forms, it has opened up the “cloud” sales channel of local characteristic agricultural products.

Invested 100,000 yuan in 3 months to basically return the capital

“Bao’en Village 92683 yuan”, “Yongxin Village 92683 yuan”, “Yongsheng Village 92683 yuan”… At the dividend ceremony held at the gate of the rural revitalization e-commerce service station in Yongshou Town, Zheng Xuechao, the village branch secretary of Yongsheng Village, took the cash and told reporters with a smile on his face that at the beginning of the establishment of the e-commerce company, the village invested 100,000 yuan in the form of capital investment, and it was only more than 3 months, and it paid dividends of more than 90,000 yuan, basically returning the capital. How is this done?

According to Wang Xian, the mayor of Yongshou Town, Yongshou Town is located in the characteristic fruit industrial belt, rich in dragon fruit, passion fruit, Chuanxiong and so on. Shouldering the task of rural revitalization, the whole town is exploring and thinking about how to develop and strengthen the collective economy.

In 2020, the People’s Government of Dongpo District joined hands with Jingdong Technology to launch the “E-commerce into Townships” project, with “rural pilot selection, online Jingdong store opening, offline rural e-commerce service station construction, rural regional public brand promotion, blockchain traceability platform construction” as the main line, and selected four townships of Yongshou Town, Wansheng Town, Chongli Town and Qinjia Town as the pilot.

Among them, Yongshou Town is jointly funded by 11 village communities and opened the “Chinese Specialties Yongshou Town Pavilion” through JD.com, which has been officially operated since September 2021, mainly selling local specialty fruits, pickled products, kimchi and other agricultural and sideline products.

“Launched in September last year, as of December, sales exceeded 3.12 million yuan and profit reached 380,000 yuan. Townships do not retain a penny, all of them are used as collective economic dividends,” Wang Xian said, adding that the sales of agricultural and sideline products at e-commerce service stations accounted for half of the town, and villagers tasted e-commerce dividends for the first time.

Taking Yongsheng Village as an example, in the past, the collective economic source was mainly property leasing, which was very single, with an annual income of about 10,000 yuan; Since the opening of the Jingdong specialty hall through cooperation with Jingdong, on the one hand, it has integrated the local specialty fresh food industry, on the other hand, it has expanded the collective economic channels and income, according to the current sales volume of the special product hall, conservatively estimated annual sales exceeded 5 million yuan, and the annual income of the collective economy exceeded 200,000 yuan.

Marinated chicken is exported to Singapore and sold for 2,000 to 3,000 pieces in 3 months

Backed by the e-commerce specialty hall, with the help of the big platform, local specialty agricultural products can be sold further and better! On the same day, the Red Star News reporter visited Yupin Guoyuan Family Farm and Tan Pickled Chicken to experience how technology empowers rural areas and helps them accelerate on the road to prosperity.

In the farm’s dragon orchard, nearly two hundred acres of dragon fruit were planted. Now in the critical winter conservation period, villager Tang Jianyu is pruning the shoots that grow from dragon fruit branches. He has been growing dragon fruit for six or seven years, and used to focus on picking and selling. In 2020, affected by the epidemic, dragon fruit was unsold for more than 10,000 jin, and he was backfilled with fertilizer in batches, which made him very distressed, and the total income for the whole year was less than 500,000 yuan. After the launch of the Jingdong Specialty Hall last year, online sales channels were opened, and the live base broadcast sales brought goods, and through picking, channels and e-commerce and other sales methods, more than 100,000 kilograms of dragon fruit in the orchard were all sold, with an annual sales of about 1.2 million yuan.

“Look, every pickled chicken has a chest up”, in the Tan Pickled Chicken Workshop, each chicken goes through the processes of eating oil, opening the back, yarding salt, smoking and other processes in turn, becoming a qualified pickled chicken. Although the shelves inside and outside the store are full of chickens, the owner Tan Jinyu said that they have all been sold! As a local specialty, Tan Cured Chicken used to be famous in the surrounding area, with a single sales channel, estimated to sell 5,000 chickens a year in 20 years, with an annual sales of about 750,000. Now, Tan Pickled Chicken is on the shelves of Jingdong Specialty Hall, and in just 3 months, it has increased sales by two or three thousand. Tan Jinyu said that consumers recognize JD.com very much, so they have opened up the sales of pickled chicken, sending dozens of express deliveries every day, most of which are sent to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, etc., and as far as Singapore. In 2021, the annual sales volume exceeded 7,000 pieces, with annual sales of nearly 1.1 million yuan.

Three specialty halls opened, with annual sales reaching 10 million

At the same time as the hot sales of agricultural products, the Dongpo New Economy Exhibition Center located in the Jingdong Cloud (Dongpo) Digital Economy Industrial Park is displaying the big data of Meishan fruit e-commerce in real time on the big screen.

As early as April 2019, JD Technology Group signed a “Internet +” new economy strategic cooperation agreement with the Dongpo District Government of Meishan City. In the past two years, the Meishan E-commerce Industry Gathering Center, Jingdong Smart City (Dongpo) Innovation Center, Meishan Agricultural Big Data Center, and Jingdong Digital Agriculture Demonstration Center supported by JD Cloud have all contributed to the revitalization of the local characteristic fruit industry, the cultivation of new e-commerce farmers, and the increase of employment opportunities at the doorstep of farmers.

According to Luan Shijie, general manager of Meishan Company in the western region of Jingdong Technology Group, the rural revitalization e-commerce work has been piloted first, and the construction of four rural offline service stations has been completed so far. Three villages have opened Jingdong online specialty hall stores, namely “Chinese Specialties – Dongpo Agricultural Specialty Hall” in Aiguang Village, Wansheng Town, “Chinese Specialties – Yongshou Town Pavilion” in Yongsheng Village, Yongshou Town, and “Chinese Specialties – Chongli Town Pavilion” in Dadingqiao Village, Chongli Town. The online store in Conch Village in Qinjia Town is still in preparation. The sales of the three specialty halls reached 10 million in 2021.

Dongpo District Business Expo Bureau and JD Technology will work together to continue to carry out the “Internet +” new economy project of Jingdong Dongpo, promote the development of the two major industries of pickles & citrus in Meishan Dongpo around the “four centers”, and continue to carry out rural revitalization work. In response to the national strategy, deepen the work of “e-commerce into rural areas”, and continue to promote the operation of online specialty halls and the construction of offline Jingdong service stations in rural revitalization e-commerce demonstration sites.

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