Invisible socks that don’t slip to the soles of your feet! Hot selling 20 million pairs, you deserve it!

The weather is already slowly warming up

Short skirts, shorts, and big white legs can be found everywhere on the street

When going to work or traveling

Choose to wear single shoes, shallow leather shoes or sneakers

This time

A pair of boat socks is the perfect match

But most of the ship socks on the market are ordinary mass designs

It is difficult to match a variety of shoes

Leng Buding revealed the edge of his ugly socks

Not only did it not add points to the appearance

It also ruins all your elaborate outfit perfectly

What is even more unbearable is –

Put on your socks and walk outside

Boat socks on it

Unknowingly slipped to the soles of your feet

It’s like swearing!

I will recommend one to you today

Never expose, never drop the heel

Women’s lace boat socks –

5 pairs of preferential price is only 48 yuan! Value!


The traditional shape of boat socks is generally fixed

It’s hard to wear it with either pair of shoes without showing the edges

The exposed sock brim makes people embarrassed not to go out

It’s too embarrassing

And this invisible sock is a Japanese hit

Light socks

Stereoscopic 3D crochet shallow invisible

Beautiful color, full of fairy spirit!

Wear it with heels, single shoes, sneakers…

It looks like you’re not wearing it!

Very invisible

And the firmness is also very good

A pair of socks lasts longer

It’s a top five-double

Japanese craftsmanship is indeed delicate

Sock-to-eye seam design

Even such a low-priced stocking

There is also not the slightest thread exposed

Ordinary boat socks have very poor elasticity

After washing a few times, it doesn’t fit your feet

Even if there is a thin silicone patch on the back heel

It’s also because it’s too small and has little adhesion

When rubbing against shoes, the socks slide to the soles of the feet

And invisible socks

Washed with water without deformation

Can stand up

200 times of water washing without deformation

Back heel also

Widened silicone anti-slip sticker

The friction area is increased to prevent shedding

Firmly attached to the foot

Never take two steps again

The socks are running to the front soles of the feet!

[Super breathable, super elastic, worn as if not worn]

Hot weather and easy sweating

Coupled with the rainy season, the climate is humid in some areas

It provides a good living space for fungi

Therefore, it is more likely to suffer

Foot odor, itching, peeling

and other diseases

There is a smell of feet outside, and I never dare to take off my shoes

And itchy feet are even more tormented

It felt like several ants were crawling on my feet

Want to scratch but can’t

Different from general ship socks

This invisible sock:

Imported ice silk fabric

The socks have a mesh pattern visible to the naked eye

Ice silk noodles

The material feels silky to the touch

Wear it almost blends in with the skin

Comfortable enough to want to cry~

Sock sole:

A selection of 80 combed cottons

It takes a delicate process to reveal a soft sock sole

Combed cotton refers to the process of spinning

Added a delicate grooming program

Make cotton more resilient

Not easy to pill

Combed cotton has a delicate texture

Good moisture absorption, slippery

Socks made of this cotton

Soft to the touch and wear-resistant

Anti-odor, sweat-absorbent, moisture-wicking!

You know

Good elastic socks

Foot feel

Generally not much worse

This invisible sock has super elasticity

Soft and easy to pull and prevent hooking

It feels super cool to wear!

Wash 200 times without deformation

And it doesn’t fade

Don’t worry about dyeing your shoes on rainy days

And there are a variety of colors to choose from~

Absolutely meet the needs of all kinds of daily wear

Lace invisible socks for girls

Skin color, gray, black

The friends who tried it out were all full of rave reviews

The repurchase rate is as high as 90%——

It is very comfortable to wear as if you didn’t wear socks.

It really won’t fall behind, the gospel of thousands of little fairies!

It’s cool, it’s not stuffy at all, and it doesn’t stick to your feet when you wear and play.

Bezana Japanese shallow stealth lace boat socks

5 pairs of discounted price only 48 yuan

▼Best sales in skin tone/gray models

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Lace boat socks

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There are also 10 pairs of thin lace boat socks in summer, the price is 58 yuan, and the mall is on offer

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Huizhou specialty, white sesame crisp 8 packaging,

The special price is only 38 yuan!

Taste back

How to buy:

How to buy:

to purchase.

to purchase.

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