What to wear next week | Wear Ni Ni’s Unisex cotton suit and wait for the spring blossoms

How good is the Unisex cotton suit to wear, Ni Ni Kaichun’s first coat locked it~

With the completion of the movie “Yanagawa” in Japan some time ago, Meow, who has been closed for a long time, finally came out to mess with business! The single photo is still at the level of the pictorial, and this CO fixed his eyes on this cotton jacket is practical and casual, but how is it a bit like men’s clothing?

The movie “Yanagawa” finished photo

Ni Ni Coat: Pilgrim Surf+Supply The same color is different

Iron fans must know that Meow likes to use this kind of men’s visual cotton clothing to create street miscellaneous clothes when he travels in Japan, which is also very appropriate~

Looking at this sweet and cool style, there are actually many fans who are worried that our meow is always developing in the direction of men’s clothing bosses. As everyone knows, this is a very big Unisex wind, and the tide is very ~

What is Unisex?

Unisex, as the name suggests, can be worn by both men and women, which is what we usually call the same style for men and women. But in fact, the essence of Unisex is genderless, which means that clothing design jumps out of the traditional gender definition and no longer frames men’s and women’s clothing with obvious gender design elements. Just like the ready-to-wear runways of some brands in recent years, many designs even show a “hermaphrodite” feeling.

Gucci Spring 2020 Ready-to-Wear

Not only the show, but also the idols have broken the gender boundaries in the past two years to interpret the character tone ~

Total Look All By CHANEL

Ma Sichun and Dou Jingtong, “Fashion COSMO” December 18

Jean Paul Gaultier, the “fashion urchin” who announced his retirement this year, is a staunch advocate and leader of the Unisex trend, and he has always challenged the boundaries between men and women with innovative and bold designs. The most famous of these is the pointed tapered Bra he designed for Madonna’s concerts in the 90s, so that underwear is no longer an ornamental item to show female beauty, but an aggressive “awl”, quite rebellious and tough~


“Women have the right to show their strength, and men have the right to expose their weakness.” Therefore, Jean Paul Gaultier not only let male model Tanel Bedrossiantz have a beard with a dress dress, but also used this advanced “women’s wear for men” perspective to create the clothes of his brother Leslie Cheung’s last “hot concert”. But in Hong Kong at that time, this style of “neither male nor female” was difficult to accept, and it was also called “Sadako clothing” by the Hong Kong media.



With the rise of affirmative rights, self-individuality outside of gender consciousness has been increasingly respected. The boundaries between men’s and women’s clothing are gradually blurring, personal preferences have become the biggest demand at the moment, and the Unisex trend has emerged.

Cotton suit: Bosie

Choose long or short?

Even if it is spring, many northern baby thick coats have to be worn for a while, and the warm and on-trend Unisex cotton clothing is definitely the first choice~


The cropped cotton garment is lightweight and suitable for awkward styling, making it easy to create a high waistline. Don’t be too friendly to Jimei who pursues warmth and wants to show off her long legs.

The loose fit of cotton clothing will inevitably look bloated if worn badly, and IU’s thin black is very good.


If you are worried that black is too dull, you may wish to choose a playful and vibrant contrast style~


For those who pursue texture, leather cotton clothing should not be missed. Not only the warmth index is doubled, but the retro style of leather is high-grade and noble~

Wearing too “safe” can also be boring, and “fancy” printed cotton clothing is particularly tasteful. Believe it or not, Elsa’s grandma-style printed cotton clothes are retro and small and fresh, Zhou Yutong’s gorgeous and street gold prints are too cool.

Elsa Hosk

Zhou Yutong

I don’t like the complexity of printing, the minimalist “down-to-earth” Earthy Look color cotton clothing seems to be a good choice: white, beige and other natural colors, how to wear a piece will not go out of style.

Zhou Jieqiong

If you want to wear cotton clothes with a sense of tenderness, Song Yanfei’s milk tea color cotton clothes can do it, plus a moderate amount of cotton fit, the whole person is soft and sticky~

Song Yanfei

The slightly looser army green cotton clothes can be regarded as old Internet celebrities, and the southern Jimei who is not afraid of the cold may wish to learn Meng Ziyi like “not dressing well”, and the trend rebellious girl is you~

Mencius Yi

Nanawang short black and white cotton clothing 389 yuan

Fano Studios short simple cotton clothing 289 yuan

Golden Matrx velvet paneled cotton garment 499 yuan

Generous and stylish

It is not difficult to find that short cotton clothing is only friendly to Jimei with slender legs, and Jimei with flesh on the hips and thighs has to say that wide cotton clothing is better to wear~

Although the general wide and large cotton clothing is relatively thicker than the short and small cotton clothing, when it is cold, it is definitely right to wear it, which can replace our dream of wearing a quilt and going out on the street!

Long or medium-length cotton clothing printed with “grandma print” turned out to be not old-fashioned, but very foreign? Look at this super elegant and fashionable atmosphere, people can’t help but indulge ~

The mid-length cotton suit with a small fragrant design reveals a seemingly traditional but fashionable and simple French chic~

Cotton suit: Tory Burch

Straight and ankle cotton clothing has a belt to taste, showing the attractive curves of women, and lengthening the leg line several times is not a problem~

Earthy Look color system is also suitable for long cotton clothing, Russian brand 12storeez cotton clothing prefers to use gentle camel color, which is very suitable for office workers who need to dress a little formally, commuting without losing the sense of design.

Fano Studios 269 yuan

Fano Studios milk tea fluffy cotton clothing 419 yuan

Unspoken loose silhouette cotton clothing 462 yuan

How to ride?

Cotton + pants

The combination of short cotton clothing and high-waisted pants is a good choice for Jimei who has the demand for height, in addition to lengthening the leg line, it also shows temperament by delicate age reduction~

The wide mid-length cotton suit with a pair of flared pants is really unbearable.

You may wish to simply put on a pair of straight pants, show your legs straight, and the thin rule of wide and tight top and bottom will not be too fat.

The scheming fashionist prefers to choose a combination of cropped pants with open ankles and cropped cotton clothing, with a layered smooth color match, which is simply a walking grass planter~

Cotton garment + skirt

Jimei definitely wants to wear a small skirt in early spring, and if you want to relieve the cold, you must put on a long cotton suit, elegant and warm~

The “frozen man” operation of short cotton clothes with short skirts, like Kendall, such as shooting advertisements, daily matching is recommended to wear tights or trousers, just as fashionable and thin~

Kendall Jenner

Mix and match the strength of Xinya, grandma’s floral cotton jacket with satin lace skirt has a retro and trendy sense of fashion. Really ~ can play!

Kim Hun-ya

Speaking of the god-level mix and match of cotton clothing, Xuanmei will never show weakness. No, the weird combination of long cotton clothes + lace long skirts actually has a kind of female star off work, and the combination of long and short layers is even higher and thin~

Li Xuanmei

In early spring, it is still warm and cold, and the unisex cotton clothes of Jimei who are ready to resume work can be arranged~

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How good is the Unisex cotton suit to wear, Ni Ni Kaichun’s first coat locked it~


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