This autumn and winter popular “stockings + boots”, fashionable and sexy, not afraid of cold and fashionable

In the past two years, after the beginning of winter, the temperature has become lower and lower, and the temperature is very unstable, sometimes making people feel that autumn and winter have been interspersed. There will be rain and sudden snowfall, and the temperature will swing back and forth between erratic, sometimes very comfortable, sometimes bitterly cold. Even at such temperatures, girls pay great attention to fashion in terms of dressing.

A popular trend of the year, is that stockings matching students believe that many girls are no stranger to stockings, in the past two years began to be popular a type of items, once made people feel very vulgar, but now walking on the street, but very sexy and generous, very daily. Many people may think that these two pieces are completely different styles, stockings are more inclined to sexy boots, such as knight boots or Martin boots, will be more handsome, it has two types of pieces combined, and what kind of sparks will collide?

First, what advantages can be reflected by using boots with stockings?

1. Better display of visual effects, body proportions become better

The trend this winter is to wear boots, especially boots, which have a warm effect, and will appear that the lower body is very tall, and the legs are thin and long. And stockings are also a popular item in the past two years, wearing on the body has a certain degree of transparency, and it seems that the whole person has lost weight, when the two pieces have a thin effect combined, the effect will be better, can hide the defects on the legs, and the contraction effect on the visual sense is also very good.

If the condition of the legs is not very perfect, you can try the V-shaped design boots, the slimming effect will be better, for girls with flesh on the calves or not straight legs, the modification effect is very good. For girls with relatively perfect leg shapes, bottle mouth learning is also very suitable, of course, in daily matching is certainly not able to completely pursue thinness, and ignore other effects. Girls with slimmer legs cannot choose the notched part with a design type, which will appear empty and lose a sense of beauty.

2. Wearing stockings is more fashionable than bare-legged artifacts, and natural bare skin

Stockings and boots have a very obvious advantage and characteristics, with bare skin in front of the absent, may be in winter, many girls prefer to wear bare legs artifacts, but the skin color does not match, the choice is not good, as if wearing a prosthesis. , but the stockings will be different, but have a translucent effect, can see through the color of the skin, but not completely naked, when the temperature is lowered, choose a thicker style with boots, the effect will be better, with a more attractive eye, whether it is skin tone or black, can match a good effect.

And because the stockings themselves have sexy characteristics, when combined with boots, they will reveal a large section, the skin has a thin effect, and at the same time can highlight the charm of showing the legs, so that winter can also exude the fashion effect brought by bare skin.

Second, stockings and boots selection tips

Tip 1: Boots are the focus of the overall styling

In each set of looks, there can only be one or two kinds of focus, which can make the overall look not cluttered, have an overall focus, and try to focus on items with a variety of styles. Stockings and boots have more styles and shapes, are boots, lace-up styles will be cooler, the version is cleaner, and the degree of change in stockings is relatively small, so the use of boots with focus, can improve the overall style, and in different occasions will have a variety of shapes.

Tip 2: Try to match the colors of boots and stockings as consistently as possible

Any clothing matching should pay attention to balance and coordination, stockings and boots are the same, the coordination of the two pieces can shape the perfection of the lower body, especially in color, may be many girls will choose dark colors, matching, black stockings, more sexy, attractive, with black boots, both thin and advanced. Of course, not only this matching method, you can also choose to use light-colored flesh-colored stockings, with white boots, which will give people a refreshing feeling and make the shape more bright, but in the upper body to match, the vision should choose the light-colored series of items, in order to form a consistency between the top and bottom.

Compared with black, white is more elegant and beautiful, and the combination of black is more contestant, and it also becomes sexy and mysterious. With bare leg pants in autumn and winter, it is better to choose a black and attractive stocking for color balance and matching.

For example: white socks + white boots

More girls like to wear black stockings, but girls who like to be clean, elegant and gentle will choose white stockings, for this color is relatively abrupt The best eight, with white boots to shape the shape has its own style, and the upper body will be more coordinated and balanced.

Tip 3: The décor style of stockings affects the overall style, so choose carefully

With the continuous development of fashion, not only shoes have a lot of colors and styles, stockings are also the same, in the beginning of the stockings are mainly solid colors, and now there are a lot of letters with prints or brand logos, the overall shape will be because of the stockings with prints or brand logos, and become richer, layered. In fact, if the matching is good, with printing, the thin effect will be better, especially for women who like cool style, if the matching skills are better, choose a pair with printing elements, it will be more daily, will not be too niche, showing sexiness and beauty.

For example: printed black stockings

Black stockings with printed styles, when matched, the whole will also show a very large influence, the upper body chooses a suit, the overall shape is cool and handsome, and has a sexy charm. The print of stockings gives an extra focus to the overall look, but it does not conflict with boots and becomes more fashionable on the street.

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