The free postal area is meaty for four years, and the experience accumulated will be amazing with you

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Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, also known as Jinling, is also one of the four major furnace cities in China, and the summer here is the season that we meat breeders fear the most. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River enter the rainy season of more than 20 days from the end of June and the beginning of July every year, which is sultry and humid, making it difficult for people to sit still, and meat is most afraid of such a growing environment. At the end of the rainy season, there is an even more difficult high-temperature sauna day, and the meat is steamed, boiled, and roasted like people, and there is no tear in the desire to cry.

A few years ago, because I saw two cuties with green meat in front of the flower shop, I unknowingly climbed into the meat pit step by step. At first, it was not clear about its habits, when the green plant maintenance, a rain to ensure that it moved out to shower, but also three days and two heads of watering, the result is all dead, the next days began to buy and buy, online collection of maintenance methods, after paying attention to the succulent encyclopedia began to know all kinds of succulents and gods, slowly to feed the succulents, in the days to come I will do my best to raise them well.

My favorite elder meat should be called Orion, who spent four autumns, winters, spring and summer with me, and was a single and non-explosive child.

Peach eggs, one of my summer hardships. After the casualties, the 50% granular soil used before was replaced with about 70% granular soil, and the pot was also replaced with legs, the water permeability and air permeability were much better than before, and the summer was successful, a little happy. How many meat friends dream of having a ten-mile peach forest, and I have the same dream, maybe one day it will come true? And now the price of peach eggs is very close to the people.

Baby fingers, the breed that I have no resistance to when I see it, fat and pouty, I have raised it twice to spend the summer fairy, since I can’t feed it here, let’s let it live for the time being.

Otome heart, it is easy to develop old pile out of the shape of the variety, summer dishes, autumn and winter leaves gradually turn red is very cute, there are also gods to raise that red and yellow jelly alluring color, simply beautiful sky.

Benbatis, this spot grows very willful.

White beauty, this color looks very relieved in summer, and you don’t have to worry too much about the variety in summer.

It seems to be Bai Ji Lian, a meat recommended by the free postal area, easy to raise in groups for a few years can also become an old pile, this one has been more than three years, the pile has a little finger thickness, the next time change the pot control type should look good.

The local shack owner controlled it himself, and liked it as soon as he saw it.

The seller said that it was bought in three days and months, how to look at it is not, it doesn’t matter, anyway, it’s a big grin, it’s good to feed, it’s good to be super leather, heat-resistant and freeze-resistant, and it is okay to forget to take it into the house last year minus five degrees.

Mountain rose, a variety that has only begun to contact in the past two years, was initially attracted by its dormant appearance like a very rosy flower, and then Sedum Xia Dengxian was so fast that the pace could not be prevented, and at this time the mountain beauty was deeply asleep, lying, lying, hanging, tying… You can toss it as much as you want, it’s just too worry-free. However, the entire dormancy period must be cut off from water, keep ventilation and not exposed to the sun, and the right light will make them slowly colored, which is very beautiful. In mid-to-late May, the temperature reaches more than 30 degrees and begins to cut off the water, which lasts until the end of September and the beginning of October, when the daily maximum temperature of the week does not exceed 25 degrees can begin to wake them up.

Maple Shadow

Gomera, the lace edge is beautiful.

Hierro, a very big one, a personal favorite of the mountains.

I like to pick dead leaves, and I regret it after pulling.

Pink powder good like

The part of the rose soul that has not fallen off the soil that is dormant

Orange Monroe, when she started at the end of last year, was very ugly, crooked and twisted, time is the best medicine, slowly recover Zhou Zheng.

Friends say that it is Raul of Luo Qi, who has passed away this summer, and Raul is another summer hardship family with me.


Meat with good looks to spend summer

Giveaway Jun, I wore several dresses in vain, sooner or later I will take off your excess skirts.

Nana Xiaogou, it was not colored for a long time before, this spring decisively changed its room, increased the proportion of particles, about 70%, slowly began to color, in the summer disaster returned from the flesh of the meat, it can still have this color, very gratifying, looking forward to what it will be like this winter.

White Moon Shadow, the small basin controls it and does not let it grow.

Women can’t move when they see the flower’s feet

The snow-blowing pine brocade, the flowering period is very short, the appearance of two days, it is only in the afternoon period, and beautiful things are always easy to die.

The original flower moon night, love its red edge, prefer its name, lotus seat is very thoughtful, heart flesh, did not do a good job of insect prevention before was the calamity of the insect shell unable to return to the sky.

Pansy, I haven’t been able to raise that alluring tricolor yet, but I can always catch it at a glance in a forest of meat.

It rained and seemed to be shy to answer

Sensational, recommended by the free postal area, it is said that Nanjing summer can be exposed varieties, I haven’t tried it, you can try it in the future.

What moon shadow is coming??

Fairy air fluttering, a bit dreamy. I have a soft spot for the Moon Shadow system, and the limited space does not allow me to buy many varieties back, and I have basically given up on what I have not fed before, and continue to raise some varieties that are easier to feed.

Tulock, a small single head with a big one, summer is a dish and Xuan gray butterflies like it, and it is still beautiful into a fairy tale in the depths of winter.

This old Fiona is the most inspirational one, orange and yellow at its best, very beautiful, and has only given birth to a little cub for more than four years.

What it looks like in July

Oplina is also very suitable for a meat raised in the free postal area, the color is maintained in all seasons, the summer is stress-free, and the four-year-old pile is much thicker than the thumb.

Ji Shengyue, a small pile for more than four years, has been controlled in a small pot, and seeing many friends raise a large pot to cultivate a cliff pile, it is also spectacular and very fulfilling.

Thin-leaved blue bird, a clear stream of summer is very relieved.

Original flower moon night

Prism, I call it xiaolongbao, Nanjing people love to eat xiaolongbao!

Back then, I fell in love with Yingcheng at first sight in Su Jun’s beautiful garden, only to know that there was a kind of fleshy called mage, and later Yingcheng was killed, and Su Jun parted… There is no more Yingcheng and Su Jun in the world, but many people in this world have long remembered them together.

Halloween on a rainy night

Admire its layered beauty

Copper pot, small seedlings with large ones, very sense of accomplishment.

I think late spring and early summer are the best times of the year for mages.

Starburst, a mage who loves and hates, is as devastated as last year after this summer, hoping to return soon.

In the morning light of early summer, he ascended to the immortals

What it looked like after the summer of last year, how a miserable word, this year it is the same again. The home has limited space, the mage only has a few small pots to enjoy, the mage dormant in summer, it is also relatively easy to maintain, I did not completely cut off the water during the dormancy period, and gave a small amount of water along the edge of the basin for about twenty days to ensure that a large scoop of water can wake it up after autumn, and the rest of the season is dry and watered. The babies in the free postal area can consider raising a mage if they can’t raise Sedum.

My meat is fully exposed in spring and autumn, moving indoors below zero in winter, moving to the terrace outside the north window in summer, there is a small canopy but it is useless, the meat and meat still can’t hide from the rain, the rain can only blow the water off in time, and the sun can be basked for a while in the morning and afternoon. Duxia follows the three elements summarized by the gods: ventilation, water control, shading, I must add a pest prevention on my meat breeding road, I did not prevent it in the first two years, and the disease and pest were cured, the result can be imagined, the outbreak of the shell is densely packed in the summer, and it is too late to cure, and then the water is black rot, and the empty basin is one after another. In the past two years, the experience has been summed up and small white medicine has been pre-embedded before the summer, and the effect has been immediate, and the casualties have dropped to single digits.

Personally, I feel that the local soil is at least 60% or more granular, stoneware pots are easy to use, and those with feet are better, and Maifan stone pots are also the first choice. Despite the best efforts, but still stepping on countless meat corpses along the way, harvesting more pots will find some suitable for their own environment maintenance experience, different regions maintenance methods can not be copied, to explore and summarize, the same area of the same maintenance methods will also appear different situations.

I raise meat and meat will not deliberately pursue varieties, and what I can feed is the best. As for whether meat will give amazement or shock, it is acceptable, because what I like and care about more is this process, raising meat can calm the heart, let the pace of chase slow down to experience life with the heart, to discover many small beauties around you, I hope that after many years, when I turn around, they are still quietly waiting in place…


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