DIOR Fall/Winter 2021 ready-to-wear | Explore a contemporary fairytale world

Marc Bohan once said, “Don’t forget women”. The dior in his hand is relaxed, without exaggerated shapes and fabrics, and the minimalist technique outlines the most elegant side of women like brushstrokes, and he is also the most favored designer of the royal family at that time. In the minds of many, Marc Bohan is the best person to inherit Mr. Dior’s elegant mantle.

Dior’s spring/summer 2022 collection was released, and the opening turntable catwalk was eye-catching. This season’s new outfit shows a new era of Dior female image in the hands of designer Maria, adding a lot of denim, sports and other elements, adding a sense of visual layering in the collision of multiple materials. Under the high saturation of the color, the presentation is full of absurdist meaning. Of course, black and white is classic enough, but it does not hinder women’s right to pursue color.

Spring/Summer 2022 collection, Aunt Maria brought the freshest season ever, bright colors and clean lines, which are indeed not bad, but those ugly and stupid shoes are really enough! You can learn from Prada, but that’s really hard to tell if it’s real or not!

Baseball shirts, sports bras, diving fabrics… Maria has created a new set for Dior women, adapted to different occasions, each with a different kind of elegance.

The newly launched half-moon shoulder bag is very cute. The entire collection of handbags is extremely colorful, in addition to the classic 30 Montaigne, BOBBY bag type, there are 1960s-style bowling bags with dazzling fluorescent colors.

In terms of shoes, DIOR has a new design on Go-go Boots this season, adding straps and sports elements, and the whole collection is more youthful and attitude.


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