The “Range Rover at Sea” traffic card was launched as artist Zhang Chi shared his creative insights

The famous Shanghai artist Ms. Zhang Chi’s 70-meter-long scroll “Range Rover on the Sea” was stored in the Shanghai Museum of History on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 2019, and Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Advertising Co., Ltd. made the “Range Rover Sea” special traffic commemorative card based on the 20 pictures in “Range Rover Overseas”, and also launched the final work “Yangshan Deep Water Port” at the end of 2021, and invited teacher Zhang Chi to the Shanghai Museum of History to hold a long scroll creation sharing session.

Zhang Chi and Le Zhenwen at the “Range Rover on the Sea” creation sharing meeting

Chen Jianxing, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and executive deputy head of the Regional CPPCC Liaison and Guidance Group (first from left), and Qiu Zhengping, deputy director of the Shanghai Museum of History (second from right), unveiled the closing work of the “Range Rover” traffic commemorative card with artists

The 70-meter-long scroll “Range Rover on the Sea”, created by teacher Zhang Chi over the past 10 years, is also known as “Shencheng’s “Qingming Upper River Map”. If “Picture of the Upper River in the Qingming Dynasty” is a retrospective of the commercial prosperity of the Northern Song Dynasty, then Zhang Chi’s “Range Rover on the Sea” freezes the era of the great city of Shanghai. The smoky Pujiang River, the gorgeous scenery on both sides, the rigid faces of those glass curtain walls or cement marble, have rich expressions in Zhang Chi’s pen, and under the induction of the breath of heaven and earth, there is temperature and perception.

The long volume Range Rover is in the permanent collection of the Shanghai Museum of History

As an outstanding landscape painter, Zhang Chi not only creatively inherits the true lineage of Haipai landscapes, but also organically integrates Dongying ink art with traditional Chinese brush and ink, and extends his brushstrokes to the ever-changing contemporary city. Her cityscape scroll Range Rover brings a mountain-like landscape to the city’s landmarks. “Range Rover on the Sea” combines Shanghai’s landform, politics, economy, culture, medicine, education, religion and other natural scenery and cultural architecture, Zhang Chi uses a brush to guide the audience, starting from the source of the beautiful Anjipu River, passing through the suburbs and urban areas of Shanghai, extending to Yangshan Deep Water Port, taking the past, present and future as the time dimension, reflecting the temperature of the city’s architecture, the depth of humanity and the thickness of history, and showing the world the image of a prosperous, upward, confident and civilized international metropolis.

One of the final works of the “Range Rover” traffic commemorative card “Yangshan Deep Water Port”

Teacher Zhang Chi revealed at the sharing meeting that the predecessor of “Range Rover on the Sea” was the Expo “Range Rover on the Sea”, and later created the “Range Rover Changning” depicting 50 scenic spots in Changning District, based on this, with the continuous encouragement, support and guidance of friends from all walks of life, it was possible to complete such a long scroll that comprehensively reflects Shanghai’s urban landscape.

The second of the “Range Rover” traffic commemorative card “Yangshan Deep Water Port”

Zhang Chi and Le Zhenwen are two well-known art pairs, at the sharing meeting, Mr. Le Zhenwen said that at our age, there are many life insights, after we retire, the biggest idea is to paint well and do more for public welfare. After our work was put on the transportation card, the subway company also came to us to hold an exhibition in the subway station, and we were very happy, because it is the artist’s mission to bring art to millions of households.

Zhang Chi and Le Zhenwen signed for transportation card collectors

Shanghai Collector’s Association, Shanghai Transportation Card Collection Association and Shanghai Johnson & Johnson Advertising Co., Ltd., under the careful guidance and creativity of Mr. Zhang Chi, printed the most classic city landmarks in the “Range Rover” long scroll into a national transportation joint card for two years, a total of 15 sets of 20 cards. The “Range Rover by Sea” traffic card transforms the artist’s works into accompanying art in the public life, giving the card a deeper cultural connotation, so it is welcomed by the majority of Tibetans and citizens.

Source: Thoughtful Shanghai

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