I, who have worked in a state-owned bank in Beijing for 42 years, am satisfied with my work and disclose how much my pension is?

Nowadays, more and more young people or practitioners after graduation, hope that they can pass the written test interview to enter some state-owned enterprise work, especially into some banks, everyone in the state-owned bank has paid a lot of time, but also eager to be promoted and raised, some positions are worth paying all their time, but some practitioners are not very satisfied with the work of the bank, but overall, in the development of state-owned enterprises, everyone’s salary and treatment are more ideal, So how much is the pension for working in a state-owned enterprise bank for more than 42 years?

Lao Zhang has worked in the state-owned bank in Beijing for 42 years, and now can get a retirement income of 8,200 yuan a month, he believes that in fact, his retirement salary is more than double that of the business personnel of other enterprises, and he believes that working in the bank, the cost of regular employees is relatively high, although there are many employees in the bank, but some employees outside the establishment or temporary workers, their wages are generally lower, regular employees can get about 6,000 yuan to 10,000 yuan, And ordinary regular employees who have worked for more than 40 years reach a pension of about 10,000, which is also a relatively normal situation, because their positions in first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen are different, the jobs are different, as everyone’s post income after retirement, in fact, there is a certain difference, but the overall difference is not very large.

Lao Zhang continued to conclude that when he first started to join, he could only get two or three thousand a month, and then as time went on, the position rose, and he could get nearly 10,000 yuan of income to work in coastal cities, Lao Zhang felt that this was the biggest advantage, because over time everyone’s salary, welfare bonus and assessment bonus will rise, and after working for more than 40 years, in fact, it also meets the conditions for getting a retirement income of 8,000, and everyone can be at a very high level and standard. Naturally, they are unwilling to give up their current job in state-owned banks.

In the author’s opinion, more and more young people are willing to enter state-owned banks after graduation, which is nothing more than the following reasons, first of all, we can get a stable job in the bank, and the actual income is even higher than expected, although some employees will leave, everyone is unbearable for some jobs in the bank, but when looking for other positions, it will be very difficult, so these young people in their 20s, They will feel that their future career prospects in the bank are very good, for those older people, they have worked hard in the position for more than ten years and decades, hoping that they can still do some extraordinary things in ordinary positions, they firmly believe that their career will be better, so these practitioners in the bank give up.

On the one hand, people can’t find a suitable job, on the other hand, everyone can increase their actual income in the bank, and they can also enrich their spare time, so after hands-on practice, they will actually yearn for the work of the bank.

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