The “careful machine” of beautiful legs in winter is all here

When I was a child, I watched Japanese girls on TV, and I thought they were too frost-resistant! In winter, I wear a stocking and run around in the snow. When I grew up, I learned the mystery, it turned out that they wore warm skinny pantyhose that can store heat~

However, there are too many styles of Japanese instant socks in recent years, don’t look at just socks, but they are very high-tech, can’t fall off the crotch, comfortable discomfort, good elasticity, all affect the wearing experience.

What the house sir wants to amway today is that it –

Japanese Atsugi winter fleece pantyhose.

Beautiful legs, warmth, thinness, a must for beautiful legs in autumn and winter!

No drop gear is not easy to pill hook + soft texture and elasticity + thin and warm, as long as 99 yuan can get a pair of good-looking and warm leggings, so that you can also be afraid of the cold in autumn and winter, easily show off beautiful legs~

【Japanese Atsugi winter fleece pantyhose】


169 CNY


Welfare Price:

99 CNY

Limited-time discount, grab it now!

There are two styles: 350D high-elastic little black pants (pedal model) and 260D color wool pantyhose.

260D thickness is thinner, suitable for 10°C+ weather;

The thickness of the 350D is a little thicker, suitable for 0°C+ weather.

D value:

Represents density, simply put, the thickness of the sock.

D The larger the sock, the tighter the density, that is, the thicker it is.

260D wool pantyhose

Suitable for temperatures around 5°C

This is new for 2021! With more advanced warmth technology, the warm buff is doubled!

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The three ingredients are doubly warm, skin-friendly and soft

Excellent wool is preferred, with long hair, soft and elastic.

Easy to fix, the color is bright as new after washing, rich in luster.

Meyerbi fiber from Mitsubishi in Japan, the fiber is extremely fine,

Better heat preservation and comfort,

And the fiber surface is smooth, not easy to pilling deformation.

Japan imported heating fiber hot terme blend,

Absorbs external infrared rays, converts heat energy, and achieves excellent warmth preservation effect.

Because of these three warming factors, this winter is 3 times warmer!

The inner layer of brushed fabric is soft and sticky to the touch, soft and sticky in the hand, and it is skin-friendly and warm on the body.

Super elastic and not tight, suitable for a variety of body shapes

Many sisters are worried that the pantyhose that are too tight on their bodies will be panicked, not only can they stretch their hands and feet, but they are also very uncomfortable.

However, the elasticity of Thickwood pantyhose is large enough to accommodate both slightly fat thighs and slightly raised belly, which can be compatible with all body shapes.

The socks in the legs, with the maximum force to pull, pulled out 3 times faster ~

Similarly, pull the waist, up to 2 times.

Exquisite craftsmanship to prevent gear drops and lift the buttocks

Another embarrassing point of autumn and winter pantyhose is that it drops gear.

But Atsugi’s socks don’t have to worry about this, because the waist is extended and is nearly 30cm long.

The back side of the socks adopts a double-line gear process, which can not only effectively prevent gear dropping, but also play a role in lifting the buttocks.

Official recommendations for 260D pantyhose sizes:

1. Choose M-L size with height 150-165cm and hip circumference 85-98cm

2. Height 155-170cm, hip circumference 90-103cm suitable for L-LL size

350D high elastic little black pants

Suitable for temperatures around 0°

This D value is larger, warmer and stronger, and the inside is a delicate fluff for thermal storage, which is very skin-friendly and locks warm and insulated.

Segmented pressure design, micro-restraint to modify the leg shape

Although it feels a lot thicker, it does not look bloated after wearing it, visually making the legs straighter and thinner. This is because

The design of segmented pressure will not have the feeling of tightness and discomfort in the legs, but a slight sense of restraint, especially modifying the leg shape, and the leg shape looks good after wearing it!

Multi-layer cable routing is not easy to drop gear, and widening the pants will not strangle the belly

Pantyhose thick is not afraid, I am afraid that I will not be able to withstand wearing it, and it will collapse!

The production of thick wood is very careful, and the multi-layer wiring is not easy to collapse.

The widened waist design will not strangle the tummy, so that the socks are soft and comfortable to wear, and the crotch is one-piece, which is very comfortable.

It is worth mentioning that the waist here is not only made wider, but

The front is V-shaped, even if you sit for a long time, it will not be rolled up, and it can also have the effect of shrinking the lower abdomen, these pants are really good!

High quality visible to the naked eye, not easy to pill and not easy to hook

How many sisters buy leggings in winter, wear them a few times and pill, wear them on the body to go out embarrassing, and the thick wood socks are scraped back and forth with steel wool balls, still intact!

Even if it is cut with a knife, it will not be easy to hook!

Official recommendations for 350D foot sock sizes:

1. Choose ML size with height 150-165cm and hip circumference 85-98cm

2. Height 155-170cm, hip circumference 90-103cm suitable for LLL size

It’s best to buy more than two! One wear, one change wash, such leggings are really not too much!

【Japanese Atsugi winter fleece pantyhose】


169 CNY


Welfare Price:

99 CNY

Limited-time discount, grab it now!

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