Small cloth head, fight promising, these 21 beautiful coin purses, must be done when there is time

Patchwork is simply the sewing of small pieces of cloth together to turn into a large piece of cloth, and then this piece of cloth can be turned into anything practical or decorative, such as large and small bags. Combine your endless imagination with skilled craftsmanship to create endless possibilities. The thread is threaded through the needle, knotted, touched by the hand, and carefully stitched together, and each process of patchwork will bring a pleasant feeling.

Today, let’s take a look at the patchwork small bags with Xiaoai, all are fabric coin purses, handmade fabric patterns, interested partners, you can follow one. How could it be so cute?

The three little bears are cute and cute

Aren’t you envious of having such a good-looking patchwork bag? Or the old rule tutorial is coming, let’s learn the method first! 2 tutorials, short and long coin purses, depending on what style you like.

Short coin purse

Open it like this, the bag body is not large and the capacity is still quite large.

Prepare various colors of patchwork (you can buy online) to cut out the small components one by one, cover them on the cloth, leave the sewing parts and cut them again, and then use the patch stitch method to put the cut small components together. Then cut out two pieces of cloth and put them together.

Cut one piece each of cotton and base cloth.

Turn the backing cloth and top cloth over to the back and lay cotton on the bottom.

Sewing on the left and right sides is also possible, and hand sewing is also possible.

After sewing, turn it over to the front, and the cotton is laid between two pieces of cloth.

Prepare to zip up

Fold it in half and sew it on.

After sewing the zipper, stitch it on the left and right sides.

Prepare two pieces to lining your bag

Then sew the lining into the bag.

You can also decorate the zipper pull, prepare a semi-round ball or button, cut a small round cloth, and wrap it with a shitch.

Two small sewn buttons are folded and stitched, and the decoration at the beginning of the zipper is complete.

Long coin purse

Make a super beautiful patchwork long wallet by yourself, the beautiful cloth heads of different colors and textures are cleverly mixed and sewn, DIY to make a warm wallet, which is so exciting! And the space design of this patchwork long wallet is super large, very practical, and the appearance is fresh and sweet, which is very suitable for girls.

For the specific handmade steps of this long wallet, please refer to the detailed illustrated tutorial below.

Paper pattern size: 20cm*10cm*5.5cm

Cut 8 pieces of the whole petal, 4 pieces of half petal, sew each 2 pieces facing each other, pay attention to the bottom edge not to sew, and then turn back to the front.

Arrange them in the order on the diagram.

At the point where the petals are 1 cm from the bottom, first make a circle and then tighten the stitch.

The flowers are arranged and fixed to the cloth with sparse seams, and then each petal is sewn up to the cloth.

Sew the stamen onto the petals as well.

Complete the steps of making the petals.

Complete the crimping and patching.

To make the inner bag, each inner cloth should be ironed with a hard lining, which is the same as the principle of DIY photo albums, made into 3 pages.

The practice of the inner zipped pocket with pleats on both sides.

Secure the zipper pocket to the lining.

The inside bag is finished like this drop.

Each edge is wrapped on the edge.

Pay attention to the hemming of the place where the circle is drawn, and sewn it snugly on the inside pocket.

Finally, install the zipper, the zipper is a more painful thing, to be very careful.

The stitches in the arc should be very thin, and the time has come to show your craftsmanship.

The following is the renderings of the long wallet after completion, which is beautiful and practical! It is worth looking forward to handmade fabric making, and girls who like patchwork should not let it go.

Finally, share some beautiful wallets or clutches that may help you create patchwork works.

Well, if you like it, you can try it to try it~

Today’s learning sharing is here, you remember to collect it well, welcome to leave a comment, article material pictures to organize the Internet, share everyone to learn to use.



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