Versatile and stylish, the rules of jeans selection are quickly put away


Straight-leg jeans

Jeans are the same, but good jeans have a neat and dashing sense from color to final wearing effect. The design from Jifan is made of high-quality denim fabric, the unique washed and worn design brings a slightly white visual effect, and the shape is made of a looser straight shape, which shows a casual and free attitude without twists and turns, which also makes it more comfortable when wearing.

Jeans have always been known as “timeless classics”, and every man’s wardrobe must also have a few pairs of jeans stacked. The brand’s designers selected denim containing pure cotton as the fabric, which has a crisp texture and a moderate thickness of denim, which has strong moisture absorption and can absorb sweat stains on the body in time.


Casual jeans

Today, when retro style has reoccupied the fashion heights, the charm of jeans with old designs has exploded again. The simple and easy retro style is integrated into the creation, and the low-key cool adds a man’s calm atmosphere.

The high-quality denim fabric is integrated into the tailoring design, with a unique texture and tactile experience, coupled with the precision and delicate trouser routing process and whitening treatment, the comfort and classic are sublimated, and the design concept of visual art is creative trend.

The slightly slim fit goes straight down, without twists and turns showing a casual and free attitude, which also makes it feel more restrained when wearing, and he also has a better inclusiveness and plays a better concealing role.


Cropped jeans

Light blue tones with polished white coordination elements are integrated into the creation, the color naturally fades off, and the unsaturated state is more literary and attractive, as if with the traces of the passage of time, perfectly highlighting the casual casual style.

The washed and worn treatment makes it look very natural in transition, and the color sense is enhanced by special processing, and the Japanese retro is more eye-catching. The structured texture is cut through the neat cropped pants, which slightly expose the ankles to appear thin and straight, and finally bring a stylish upper body effect.

The light blue rendering is fresh and comfortable, retaining the solid color of the fall generously, but does not appear dull and single; The neat and meticulous stitching process enhances the firmness of wearing without affecting the overall beauty, giving people a bright visual effect and catering to the taste of boys with clean temperament.


Raw trimmed jeans

A simple and generous raw jeans, the designer chooses heavy industry familiar with love technology treatment, the color naturally transforms into a light blue, visually giving people a refreshing and elegant enjoyment, fresh base color with small feet straight pants cut, so that the legs are slender and straight, and the aura is instantly raised.

Washed and iron-free process, the silhouette is three-dimensional and not easy to pill, irregular raw edge inlay, seemingly inconspicuous design, injecting a touch of liveliness and cuteness into the whole, and the texture is straight and flat.


Small leg jeans

Jeans as an enduring trend, beggar style is the leader in the front line of fashion. These handsome ripped jeans feature handmade ripped and exquisite vintage embroidery to make the entire trousers feel trendy and wild.

The classic and simple curled design highlights the slender visual effect of the calf, and the good slimming characteristics of the denim cloth perfectly show the unique design style, reflecting the irregular and staggered beauty.

These jeans have a simple yet stylish design that produces a no-simple effect with an uninhibited personality. A pure black baseball cap and popular little dirty shoes echo the whole to show a different school style.


Wash jeans

Using a clean and clean solid color as the base color, adding some unique white worn old design, combined with the design of hole elements to reduce the monotony brought by the solid color, just right to add a layered sense of shape and bright visual highlights.

The crisp texture is cut through the neat cropped pants, slightly exposing the ankles to appear thin and straight, and finally bring a stylish upper body effect, the chain design at the waist of the trousers is full of rock street feel, with the cinematic sense of the sweatshirt, while highlighting the sexiness and handsomeness of men.


Wide-leg jeans

A simple and elegant pair of jeans, the designer chooses heavy industry familiar with love technology, the color naturally transforms into a light blue, visually giving people a refreshing and elegant enjoyment, retro and young.

The cuffs and pockets create a natural raw edge, while small details are understated and decorated with colour-block leather OEM at the waist.

Jeans and sweatshirts have always been a classic pairing combination, and it is not easy to go wrong with how you wear them! This jeans silhouette is loose and comfortable, the color is refreshing and attractive, you can try to wear it with a hooded sweatshirt with white and blue color-blocking, the color contrast is not unconventional, the combination of drawstring hooded and dropped shoulder sleeves, with the blessing of a loose silhouette, gives people a casual and unruly lazy feel~


Tapered jeans

Jeans with a tapered design can better define the shape of the legs, and at the same time effectively highlight the dynamic attitude. The gradually tightened shape also appears smoother in the lines, and it also has an excellent performance in terms of fashion sense.

The English webbing on the side of the pants and the white webbing design are full of retro charm and unobtrusive, and the length of the pants is designed with cropped pants, and the ankle-bare design has become a trend, organically combining retro and trend.

Dress up handsomely, and naturally reveal your cool and unruly style. Wear a soft knitted hat of Han Fan’er and add a touch of gentle vitality.

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